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Black Friday 2010 Blu-Ray DVDs Deals

The best time to add the Blu-Ray DVDs to the list is Black Friday.

Find the grand list here :

AAFESGrown Ups Blu-ray$15.00
AAFESGrown Ups DVD$10.00
AAFESThe Expendables Blu-ray$15.00
AAFESThe Expendables DVD$15.00
AAFESThe Pacific 6-Disc Blu-ray Box Set$37.00
AAFESThe Pacific 6-Disc DVD Box Set$27.00
Best Buy2012 (Blu-ray)$12.99
Best Buy300 (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyAmerican Gangster 3-Disc Collector's Edition (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyBig Daddy (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyBrooklyn's Finest (Blu-ray Plus Digital Copy)$7.99
Best BuyClash Of The Titans (Blu-ray)$12.99
Best BuyCloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (Blu-ray)$12.99
Best BuyCouples Retreat (Blu-ray)$12.99
Best BuyDaybreakers (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyDaybreakers (DVD)$5.99
Best BuyDistrict 9 (Blu-ray)$12.99
Best BuyDrag Me To Hell (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyFrom Paris With Love (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyFrom Paris With Love (DVD)$5.99
Best BuyFunny People 2-Disc Unrated Edition (Blu-ray)$12.99
Best BuyGran Torino (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyHancock (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyI Am Legend (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyKick-Ass (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyKick-Ass (DVD)$5.99
Best BuyKillers (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyKillers (DVD)$5.99
Best BuyLaw Abiding Citizen (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyLegion (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyLegion (DVD)$5.99
Best BuyLord Of The Rings The Fellowship Of The Ring (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyMy Sisters Keeper (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyNinja Assassin (Blu-ray)$12.99
Best BuyObserve And Report (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyPredators (Blu-ray Plus Digital Copy)$9.99
Best BuyPrince Of Persia (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyPublic Enemies 2-Disc Special Edition (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyPublic Enemies 2-Disc Special Edition (DVD)$5.99
Best BuyReservoir Dogs 15th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyRole Models Unrated (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyRole Models Unrated (DVD)$5.99
Best BuySaving Private Ryan (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuySmallville Complete 1st Season (DVD)$9.99
Best BuySmallville Complete 2nd Season (DVD)$9.99
Best BuySmallville Complete 3rd Season (DVD)$9.99
Best BuySmallville Complete 4th Season (DVD)$9.99
Best BuySmallville Complete 5th Season (DVD)$9.99
Best BuySmallville Complete 6th Season (DVD)$9.99
Best BuySmallville Complete 7th Season (DVD)$9.99
Best BuySmallville Complete 8th Season (DVD)$9.99
Best BuySmallville Complete 9th Season (DVD)$9.99
Best BuySuper Troopers (DVD)$3.99
Best BuySuperbad 2-Disc Unrated Extended Edition (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyTaken 2-Disc Extended Cut (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyTaken 2-Disc Extended Cut (DVD)$5.99
Best BuyThe Blind Side (Blu-ray)$12.99
Best BuyThe Blind Side (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyThe Book Of Eli (Blu-ray)$12.99
Best BuyThe Boondock Saints II (DVD)$5.99
Best BuyThe Boondock Saints II All Saints Day (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyThe Crazies (Blu-ray Plus Digital Copy)$7.99
Best BuyThe Departed (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyThe Hangover (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyThe Hangover Unrated (Blu-ray)$12.99
Best BuyThe International (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyThe Perfect Getaway (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyThe Wrestler (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyV For Vendetta (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyWatchmen Director's Cut (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyWhiteout (Blu-ray)$7.99
Best BuyX-Men 3 The Last Stand (DVD)$3.99
Best BuyX-Men Origins Wolverine (Blu-ray)$9.99
Best BuyX-Men Origins Wolverine (DVD)$5.99
Best BuyYear One (DVD)$3.99
CostcoAvatar Collector's Edition - DVD$4.00 Off
CostcoAvatar's Collector's Edition - Blu-ray disc6.00 Off
Fred'sPreviously Viewed DVDs5 For 10
Hastings27 Dresses (DVD)$4.99
HastingsAll Used Movies30% Off
HastingsAll Used Movies40% Off
HastingsAlvin and the Chipmunks (DVD)$9.99
HastingsAmerican Dad (DVD)$9.99
HastingsBones (DVD)$9.99
HastingsBounty Hunter (DVD)$7.99
HastingsBreaking Bad (DVD)$19.99
HastingsBurn Notice (Blu-ray)$14.99
HastingsCats and Dogs (DVD)$9.99
HastingsChuck (DVD)$19.99
HastingsClash Of The Titans (Blu-ray)$14.99
HastingsClash of the Titans (DVD)$9.99
HastingsCloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (Blu-ray)$9.99
HastingsCloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (DVD)$7.99
HastingsDaybreakers (Blu-ray)$9.99
HastingsDiary of a Wimpy Kid (DVD)$9.99
HastingsDistrict 9 (Blu-ray)$14.99
HastingsDonnie Brasco (Blu-ray)$7.99
HastingsDVD Boxed Set$10 Off
HastingsFast & Furious (Blu-ray)$9.99
HastingsFringe (DVD)$19.99
HastingsFrom Paris With Love (Blu-ray)$9.99
HastingsFuturama (DVD)$9.99
HastingsGamer (DVD)$4.99
HastingsGet Him Greek (DVD)$9.99
HastingsGet Him To The Greek (Blu-ray)$14.99
HastingsGreen Zone (Blu-ray)$14.99
HastingsHancock (Blu-ray)$7.99
HastingsHot Tub Time Machine (DVD)$9.99
HastingsHouse (DVD)$14.99
HastingsHow I Met Your Mother (DVD)$9.99
HastingsI Love You Man (DVD)$7.99
HastingsIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (DVD)$9.99
HastingsKick-Ass (Blu-ray)$9.99
HastingsKick-Ass (DVD)$7.99
HastingsKingdom Of Heaven (Blu-ray)$7.99
HastingsLaw Abiding Citizen (DVD)$4.99
HastingsLegion (Blu-ray)$9.99
HastingsLie To Me (DVD)$9.99
HastingsLive Free Or Die Hard (Blu-Ray)$7.99
HastingsLock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (Blu-ray)$9.99
HastingsMad Men (Blu-ray)$14.99
HastingsMall Cop (Blu-ray)$7.99
HastingsMarine (DVD)$4.99
HastingsMoonlight (DVD)$14.99
HastingsMovie Gift Sets In Collectible Tins$7.99
HastingsMr. & Mrs. Smith (Blu-ray)$7.99
HastingsMy Name Is Early (DVD)$9.99
HastingsNapolean Dynamite (DVD)$4.99
HastingsNorth And South (DVD)$19.99
HastingsParks And Recreation (DVD)$9.99
HastingsPercy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (DVD)$9.99
HastingsRobin Hood (DVD)$9.99
HastingsRoyal Pains (DVD)$14.99
HastingsSex and the City 2 (DVD)$9.99
HastingsStep Brothers (DVD)$7.99
HastingsSuperbad (Blu-ray)$7.99
HastingsTaken (Blu-ray)$9.99
HastingsThe Big Bang Theory (DVD)$14.99
HastingsThe Book Of Eli (Blu-ray)$14.99
HastingsThe Boondock Saints (Blu-ray)$9.99
HastingsThe Devil Wears Prada (DVD)$4.99
HastingsThe League (DVD)$9.99
HastingsThe Office (DVD)$14.99
HastingsTwo One Week Rentals And Two Drinks$8.99
HastingsWe Own The Night (Blu-ray)$7.99
MeijerSelect Blu-Ray Movies$7.00
MeijerSelect DVD's$3.00
MeijerSelect DVD's$8.00
Office DepotSelect DVD Titles (The Holiday, Hancock, etc.)$3.99
Office MaxAll Computer Games and Sony DVDs and CDs50% Off
Sam's ClubThe Blind Side / We Are Marshall Blu-ray 2-pack$18.88
Sam's ClubThe Hangover / Wedding Crashers Blu-ray 2-pack$18.88
TargetAlice in Wonderland DVD$10.00
TargetAlvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel on Blu-Ray$10.00
TargetDate Night DVD$10.00
TargetGrown Ups DVD$13.00
TargetSelect Blu-Ray Movies (Including Inglourious Basterds, Clash of the Titans, The Hangover, Zombieland)$12.99
TargetSelect Blu-Ray Titles (Including Lord of the Rings, Taken, Wanted, Gran Torino)$7.99
TargetSelect CD's (Including Lady Antebellum, Guns-n-Roses, Eminiem)$6.50
TargetSelect DVD's (Including 500 Days of Summer, The Hangover, Harry Potter, Night at the Museum, Julie & Julia, It's Complicated, Dear John, Time Traveller's Wife)$5.99
TargetSelect DVD's (Including Mama Mia!, Batman: The Dark Knight, The Holiday, Marley & Me, The Blind Side)$3.99
TargetSelect DVD's (Including Punky Brewster, Casino Royale, Talladega Nights)$1.99
TargetSelect TV Series on DVD (Including Sex and the City, Weeds, Friends, The Simpsons)$9.99
TargetSelect TV Series on DVD (Including The Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons Seasons 6-12 and 20, The Office Seasons 2-5)$12.99
TargetSex and the City 2 DVD$10.00
TargetTinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue DVD$10.00
TargetToy Story 3 DVD$13.00
ToysRUsAll $12.99 DVDs - 50 Titles to Choose From2 for $17
ToysRUsAlvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel - DVD$9.99
ToysRUsAssorted DVDs (Muppets in Space, Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D, Scooby Doo)$3.99
ToysRUsBatman DVD Combo Pack$9.99
ToysRUsDiary of a Whimpy Kid - DVD$9.99
ToysRUsDisney DVDs - Bolt, TinkerBell, Alice in Wonderland, Pixar Short Films and More$11.99
ToysRUsDisney Pixar's Up DVD$11.99
ToysRUsDisney Pixar's Wall-E DVD$11.99
ToysRUsDisney Pixar's: Ratatouille DVD - Widescreen$11.99
ToysRUsDVDs - Choose from 30 Titles - Ice Age Meltdown, Space Chimps 2, Wizard of Oz and More$7.99
ToysRUsDVDs - Choose from over 50 Titles - Curious George, Space Chimps, Thomas and More$4.99
ToysRUsPercy Jackson Olympians - DVD$9.99
ToysRUsShorts DVD - Fullscreen$11.99
ToysRUsSony DVDs - Rudy, Karate Kid II, Men in Black, Spider-Man and More$3.99
ToysRUsSpy Next Door$9.99
ToysRUsWolverine and the X-men - DVD$9.99
WalgreensPreviously Viewed DVD Movies$2.50
WalMartBlu-ray Movies (Over 30 Titles - Blind Side, Taken, WIzard of Oz, More)$10.00
WalMartBlu-ray Movies (Over 60 Titles - Legion, Superbad, Ice Age, More)$5.00
WalMartDVD Movies (Over 20 Titles - Karate Kid, Get Him to the Greek, More)$9.00
WalMartDVD Movies (Over 55 Titles - Bride Wars, Taken, Hangover, More)$5.00
WalMartDVD Movies (Over 90 Titles - Ice Age, LOTR, 17 Again, More)$1.96
WalMartDVD TV Box Sets (Over 60 Titles - Community, True Blood, More)$12.00


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