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Black Friday 2010 Portable, Flash, Hard Drive USB Deals – Seagate, Western Digital, SanDisk, Lexar

USB Portable Drives has gone up in memory to Terra Bytes (TB) but their prices have come under $100.

List of all Portable, Flash & Hard Drives deals list :

AAFESMediaMaxellMaxell DVD+R or DVD-R 100-Pack Spindles$13.99
AAFESHard DriveWestern DigitalWestern Digital 1TB My Passport Essential Hard Drive$99.95
AAFESHard DriveWestern DigitalWestern Digital 2TB MyBook Essential Hard Drive$99.95
Best BuyFlash DriveSanDiskSanDisk 4GB USB Flash Drive$7.99
Best BuyHard DriveSeagateSeagate 2TB FreeAgent GoFlex External USB 2.0/3.0 Hard Drive$89.99
Best BuyHard DriveWestern DigitalWestern Digital 1TB Internal 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive$59.99
Best BuyHard DriveWestern DigitalWestern Digital 1TB My Passport Portable Hard Drive$89.99
Big LotsFlash DrivePolaroid 8GB USB Flash Drive or SDHC Memory Card (Friday)$12.88
CostcoFlash Drive16GB Cruzer USB$12.00 Off
CostcoFlash Drive4GB Cruzer USB 3 pk$11.00 Off
HastingsFlash DriveKingston DataTraveler$6.99
MacMallHard DriveFantomFantom Drives GreenDrive 1TB External eSATA/USB 2.0 Hard Drive$49.99
MacMallHard DriveFantomFantom Drives GreenDrive 2TB USB 2.0/eSATA External Hard Drive$99.99
MacMallHard DriveFantomFantom Drives GreenDrive 500GB External eSATA/USB 2.0 Hard Drive$39.99
MacMallHard DriveLaCieLaCie 2TB External Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hard Disk$122.99
MacMallHard DriveMacAllyMacAlly Peripherals Hi-Speed eSATA/FireWire/USB2.0 Storage enclosure for 3.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive$34.99
MacMallHard DriveMacAllyMacAlly Peripherals Hi-Speed eSATA/USB 2.0 External Storage Enclosure for 3.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive$27.99
MacMallHard DriveWestern DigitalWestern Digital 500GB Hi-Speed USB Elements Portable Hard Drive$76.99
MeijerMediaMemorexMemorex Blank Media CD-R 100pk$9.99
MeijerHard DriveWestern DigitalWD My Book Essential 2TB Hard Drive$99.99
Office DepotMediaCD-R Blank Media Spindle 100-Pack$5.99
Office DepotMediaDVD+R or DVD-R Blank Media Spindle 50-Pack$5.99
Office DepotDVD-RWGear HeadGear Head 8X Mobile Slim External DVD-RW Drive$49.99
Office DepotFlash DriveLexarLexar 32GB TwistTurn USB Flash Drive$49.99
Office DepotFlash DriveLexarLexar 64GB TwistTurn USB Flash Drive$99.99
Office DepotFlash DriveLexarLexar 8GB TwistTurn USB Flash Drives$12.99
Office DepotMediaMemorexMemorex Black CD-R Media 50-pk$6.99
Office DepotMediaMemorexMemorex Holiday Themed CD-R Media w/ Cases$0.99
Office DepotMediaMemorexMemorex Slim Jewel Cases$2.99
Office DepotFlash DriveSandiskSanDisk 16GB Cruzer USB Flash Drive$24.99
Office DepotFlash DriveSandiskSanDisk 4GB Cruzer USB Flash Drive$6.99
Office DepotHard DriveSeagateSeagate 1TB FreeAgent GoFlex Network Storage System$129.99
Office DepotHard DriveSeagateSeagate 1TB Internal SATA Hard Drive Kit$49.99
Office DepotHard DriveSeagateSeagate 2TB Expansion External USB Hard Drive$89.99
Office DepotHard DriveSeagateSeagate 500GB Expansion Desktop Hard Drive$59.99
Office DepotHard DriveSeagateSeagate 750GB Expansion External Portable Hard Drive$59.99
Office DepotMediaTDKTDK 100-Pack DVD+R or DVD-R Media Spindle$16.99
Office DepotHard DriveVerbatimVerbatim 1TB Acclaim External Portable Hard Drive$99.99
Office DepotHard DriveVerbatimVerbatim 640GB Leather Wallet External Hard Drive$89.99
Office MaxHard DriveHitachiHitachi 3.5" Life Studio Desk Plus 1TB, Black, External Hard Drive$99.99
Office MaxHard DriveHitachiHitachi X Series 1TB, Black, External Hard Drive$49.99
Office MaxHard DriveHitachiHitachiX Mobile 500GB, Black, Portable Hard Drive$49.99
Office MaxFlash DriveKingstonKingston 16GB Data Traveler$20.99
Office MaxFlash DriveKingstonKingston 4GB Data Traveler 101$5.99
Office MaxFlash DriveKingstonKingston 8GB Data Traveler$10.99
Office MaxMediaMagnavoxMagnavox 100-Pack 52x CD-R$9.99
Office MaxMediaMagnavoxMagnavox DVD+R 16x 100 Pack Spindle$12.99
Office MaxMediaMagnavoxMagnavox DVD-R 16x 100 Pack Spindle$12.99
Office MaxHard DriveSeagateSeagate Expansion 640GB Portable Hard Drive$59.99
Office MaxHard DriveSeagateSeagate Expansion 640GB Portable Hard Drive$59.99
Office MaxHard DriveSeagateSeagate FreeAgent Desk 1TB External Hard Drive$59.99
Office MaxHard DriveSeagateSeagate Momentus XT SATA 500GB Internal Hard Drive$139.99
Radio ShackHard Drive500GB Portable Hard Drive$49.99
Radio ShackMedia50-Pack of 16x DVDs$6.99
Radio ShackMedia50-Pack of 52x CD-Rs$4.99
Radio ShackMediaGigawareGigaware 52x CD-R Discs (50-Pack)$16.99
StaplesFlash DriveHPHP 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive$7.99
StaplesFlash DriveHPHP 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive$11.00
StaplesHard DriveHPHP SimpleSave 500GB Portable USB Hard Drive$49.99
StaplesMediaMemorexMemorex 100-Pack CD/DVD Sleeves$1.99
StaplesHard DriveSeagateSeagate 1TB Expansion External USB Hard Drive$49.99
StaplesHard DriveSeagateSeagate FreeAgent 1TB Go Portable USB Hard Drive$89.99
StaplesMediaSonySony 100-Pack 4.7GB DVD+R Blank Media Spindle$24.99
StaplesMediaSonySony 100-Pack 4.7GB DVD-R Blank Media Spindle$24.99
StaplesMediaSonySony 100-Pack 700MB CD-R Blank Media Spindle$16.99
StaplesMediaSonySony 50-Pack 4.7GB DVD+R Blank Media Spindle$14.99
StaplesMediaSonySony 50-Pack 4.7GB DVD-R Blank Media Spindle$14.99
StaplesMediaStaplesStaples 100-Pack 4.7GB DVD+R Blank Media Spindle$9.99
StaplesMediaStaplesStaples 100-Pack 4.7GB DVD-R Blank Media Spindle$9.99
StaplesMediaStaplesStaples 50-Pack 700MB CD-R Blank Media Spindle$1.99
StaplesHard DriveWestern DigitalWestern Digital My Book Essential 2TB External Hard Drive$99.99
StaplesHard DriveWestern DigitalWestern Digital My Passport 750GB Essential Portable Hard Drive$69.99
TargetHard DriveWestern DigitalWestern Digital Elements 1TB Portable Hard Drive$69.00
TargetHard DriveWestern DigitalWestern Digital Elements 2TB Desktop Hard Drive$69.00
WalMartFlash DrivesSanDiskSanDisk 4GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive$8.00
WalMartFlash DrivesSanDiskSanDisk 8GB Red Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive$14.00
WalMartHard DriveSeagateSeagate FreeAgent 1.5TB Desktop Hard Drive$70.00
WalMartHard DriveWestern DigitalWestern Digital Essential 500GB Portable Hard Drive$39.00


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