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22000 Greencards Gone Wrong From Software Glitch

The dream short lived for 22000 lottery Greencard receivers when they were told of the mistake made by immigration department. The greencard lottery program offers about 50,000 people a year a chance to win US GC. Because of a computer glitch 22,000 people around the world were mistakenly informed last month that they had won the greencards via US lottery program. The computer had wrongly selected 90% of the winners from the first two days of the application window instead of the full 30-day registration period.

A lawsuit being filed that decides the fate of 22000 people if they can keep the greencards.

The cause of the lottery glitch, State Department officials said in an interview, was software—a human error that one official said was akin to a “typo” embedded in millions of lines of code.

By the time the State Department took down the site, 1.9 million of the 15 million applicants already had visited the site to check the results. Among them were the 22,000 “winners.”

Disenchanted applicants set up a Facebook page they dubbed “22,000 Tears” and started a campaign to draw attention to their plight.

Source : Software glitch denied Greencards


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: June 29, 2011 | Categories: GreenCard, Immigration

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