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Young Indian Cricket Team Proves Their Critics Wrong

Who says Indian cricket team under Suresh Raina is depleted? Their three comprehensive wins over West Indies on latter’s home soil – first in T-20 match and later the first of five ODI series, the team played like real ‘champs and looks good and strong. Well, one may argue that the new-look West Indies team as not strong as it used to be and the absence of its former Chris Gayle added to its woes. If that is the yardstick one chose to consider, then Indian team too doesn’t have their world class heroes, who ensured their team winning the last year ICC World Cup after two decades or so.

To me it appears, the Indian selectors got a golden opportunity to choose the next best team to build future Indian team. Yes, this in the wake several seniors like Sachin, Yuvraj, Sehwag, Bhajji, all either advancing age or quite often down with ‘injuries’. In spite of playing with only 50 per cent fitness, all of them contributed well to ensure to lift the glittering World Cup. Sachin had already announced its decision not to play Test matches. Though, he says he is still ‘hungry’ and willing to go at it, at some point of time he may have to ‘hang his shoes.’ He is already reached 36. Yes, every cricket buff in cricket-crazy India salutes him for his valuable contributions in building the strong team today.

Thus far, the Indian selections treading in right path in building future Indian team ready for the next Prudential World Cup, clearly four years away. They did the right thing by resting of some of their seniors, who, in fact, made fortunes in the recent IPL T-20 and also burn out all their energies playing hectic schedules. Its critics who proved wrong for dubbing young Raina team as ‘depleted.’ As a follower of the same closely, I for one feel that Indian team, without any apprehensions whatsoever, becoming stronger as time passes, with host of youngsters knocking the selector’s doors.

Virat Kohlis, Rohit Sharmas, Badrinaths, Ghambirs and Rainas, besides ‘resting skipper’ Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in fact, form part of a formidable and strong world class batting-line teams. Young Ashwins and Mishras indeed come of their exposures to international cricket as competitive and match-winning spinners. The only worry for Indian team is of speedsters. Zaheer Khan, though a nerve-cracking bowler to ensure early breakthroughs for the team, yet he too a victim of injuries. Ishant is young, but continues to remain erratic and inconsistent. Praveen and Munfaf Patel look good, but they too are not spared of ‘injuries.’


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: June 12, 2011 | Categories: Cricket

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