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Bill To Eliminate Per-Country Caps On Green Cards

Currently the USCIS issues 140,000 Green Cards per year and each country is issued no less than 7% of 140K GCs. The new bill which is in draft vesrion introduced by Republicans is asking for no country caps. This will help countries like India and China which are facing numerous years of Green Card Retrogression. The downside to this bill is that other countries may have to face the shortage as India and China mights use all available 140K GCs per year.

President Obama and Democrats favoring a bill to give Green Cards for students who earn advanced degrees in US in science and technology.

With Debt Ceiling and other issues looming at the House, Got to wait and see how long this new proposal takes to make it into a law so retrogressed people can benefit from this.

Source : House Republicans consider high-skills immigration bill


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: July 26, 2011 | Categories: GreenCard, Immigration

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