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60% Price Drop Makes $99 GoogleTV Logitech Revue An Excellent Buy

Logitech Revue GoogleTV arrived yesterday and set up took less than 10 minutes. Hestitant to buy this gadget all these days because of its $249 price tag. Now the price has been dropped by all retailers selling Revue to $99 which is 60% discount price.

Why this huge price drop in GoogleTV ? Three reasons

– GoogleTV has been around for more than two years maybe and sales has been slow. Shaving off inventory by Logitech.
– Google initiated the move so Logitech in partnership can build a next generation GoogleTV Revue that is on Honeycomb Android latest platform.
– Google is buying Motorola Mobility Inc which has Home and Connected set top box business that helps Google get more ground and clean out out-dating previous version GoogleTV gadgets or ending partnership hardware bundling with third party companies like Logitech.

Is it worth buying $99 Logitech Revue GoogleTV ?

Definitely Yes. Ten Reasons

1) In-Built Wi-Fi.
2) Being a heavy windows user if some one gives me Linux machine that has browser then it is all I need and doesn’t matter what the underlying OS does to the hardware. Browser and internet connectivity purpose served.
3) Wireless decent sized Logitech keyboard as remote to operate GoogleTV. This is RF wireless keyboard so can be used else where. Remote lean back much powerful couch control that ordinary remotes purpose is served.
4) The set up tried was GoogleTv Logitech Revue without Cable or Satellite settop box. Only better half is tested and worth esily $99 price replacing the need for a digital media player like Seagate. Follow the following screenshot for this set up.

Logitech Revue GoogleTV Works Without Cable Satellite Set-Top Box

Setting Up Logitech Revue GoogleTV Without Cable Satellite Set-Top Box

5) Most important miss in all media players is a browser. GoogleTV comes with Chrome browser that can be used to surf any website that is surf-able on your home or work PC.
6) Plays Flash which makes more sweeter $99 than my $499 iPad. Able to watch online Cricket Highlights, Indian movies both Hindi and Telugu which requires Flash player. Purpose of not connecting a laptop to TV via HDMI is for sports or movies is no longer required if one has GoogleTV. Awesome $$$ deal.
7) The screen form factor. The set up allows you to stretch and adjust to the TV screen size and no visual difference afterwards.
8 ) Google and Logitech are promising that next GoogleTV upgrade of Android Honeycomb will be available for this $99 device. This beats out waiting for new device.
9) Applications – Netflix, Twitter, Amazon Video gives you same feel as on these media players like Sony Bravo
10) Many spotlight apps like NYTimes, TNT, TBS, Flixter and subset of what Android market place supports currently.

In summary first impressions of GoogleTV are awesome. Solved iPad or internet TV widgets classic Flash and access any website issues. $99 is a good bargain price for the gadget which recently was selling for $249.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 15, 2011 | Categories: Deals, Google, Technology

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