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I-485 Advance Parole Denied As I-140 Job Listing Was Wrong

A sad case where improper initial filing of immigration forms resulted in denial of Advance Parole (I-485). Initial job listing was filed as physical therapist by employer but the applicant did not pass certification which resulted in CIS deny the applicant’s I-485 or AP. The efforts to rectify the mistake in subsequent filings did not help build the case for a physical therapist. The petition is denied and the applicant will have to return to India.

To Sum Up it is key to properly file I-140 applications which are basis for adjustment of status and its approvals.

Here is case details of KUPPUSAMY vs HOLDER

The circumstances of this case are unfortunate. Kuppusamy was valued by his employer and his removal could have been avoided by proper filing of his immigration forms. However, the IJ did not err in ordering Kuppusamy’s removal to India. Therefore, we DECLINE the petition for review.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 14, 2011 | Categories: Immigration

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