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iOS5 Upgrade Highlights And Key Features

iOS5 UpgradeiOS5 is released on October 12, 2011. IOS5 will be part of new iPhones – iPhone4S getting ready for release from three carriers – AT&T, Verizon and Sprint (for first time). The bonus for iPhone4S is that in addition to iOS5 the device exclusively gets “Siri” – a personal assistant which supposedly helps with its intelligence takes voice directions and coverts them into doable actions like texting or setting up calendar reminders and schedules.
Some coolness factors of must awaited redesigned Apple mobile operating system.

Cutting The Chords (Wireless)In iOS5 we can see Steve Jobs. Any Apple device till date (i.e. Pre iOS5) needs synching with iTunes software installed on a PC. Now all Apple smart devices are on its own meaning no hassle of installing iTunes on PC and geeting updates to the device. What did Steve Jobs to do with coolness? Jobs decoupled Apple from Windows dependence. Majority of iPhone, iPad or iPod users own Windows PCs. With iOS5 It is sure Job's vision to make Apple devices independent and stand on its own. Enjoy OTA (Over The Air) upgrades of Apple Software without wires.
SMS or Texting (Saving $$)Smart phone owners need to buy a text messaging plan from carriers to send texts or SMS. The plans can be $10 for 200 SMS or texts. Coolness Factor: Texting is part of iOS5 which uses wi-fi or #G connection in iPhones making users of iPhone wityh iOS5 save monthly recurring text expenses.
iCloudWith one AppleID, mutilple home devices like iPad, iPhone can download once purchased apps on all devices. 5GB of free storage for photos in the cloud.
TweetingTweeting is inbuilt into Mails, Safari Browser. No hassle of copy and pasting into Twitter app.
Supported DevicesiPad, iPad2, iPod Touch 3G or Higher, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone4S. Don't have to buy latest hardware.

Preparing For Upgrade :
Before you start upgrading your Apple device, make sure you have latest iTunes – iTunes10.5 on your device sync computer. Note the devices and versions available for upgrade are – iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPod Touch 3rd Generation or higher, iPad, iPad2.

Keep aside 2 to 3 hours. Took me an hour plus to upgrade my iPad. In the process the iPad restarted many times.

After Upgrade :
The device after upgrade shows a wizard to perform few steps for notifications and syncing items from iCloud. These five or six steps takes another 15 to 20 minutes. Some of them include using location and find my iPad if lost settings. The first difference that was noticed is that my device which was previously requires unlocking is reset to unlock. Needed to set the four digits unlock code.

After setting the lock code. The Photos app started syncing with my computer’s “my pictures” folder in the background. The little sync icon can be see on top left most.

Noticeable iOS5 Upgrade changes
The wi-fi synched seamlessly from previous upgrade without required to key-in the code for wi-fi. All the clutter of 8 or 9 pages disappeared from my iPad. Where did they go? To the cloud. Go to APP store and click on purchased tab. All applications are now available from cloud to re-install. WSJ, Economist and Wired once re-installed from cloud seamlessly authenticated me as the apps some how retreived my userids and passwords from previous install. Even Safari browser remembers from history the state of pages browsed before iOS5 upgrade.

Summary : A smooth upgrade and apps seems faster on iOS5. No more hassle of syncing to the computer for updates and is totally wireless and independent of Windows PC synch.


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