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As Life Goes Digital

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iOS5 Users Get 50GB Free Storage For Life Time At Box.Net

Starting October 14, 2011 the iOS5 users besides their iCloud 5GB storage can now utilize a promotion run by Box.Net to get free 50 GB for life.

– From your iOS5 iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device install Box app
– Launch Box app and register
– Upload files, photos and music to the Box cloud up to 50 GB
– Note the promotion is only for 50 days starting on October 14, 2011

iCloud (5GB) vs. DropBox (2GB), Box.Net (50 GB) :

– iCloud Free 5GB storage allows only photos and music uploads. Both and Dropbox with huge free storage lets users to store any file types with collaborating and document management options.
– Websites owners can backup their wordpress sites to account.
– PC users can mount as another drive so easy to upload documents to share between windows and iOS5 devices

PC (Windows 7) Instructions:
1.) Open Explorer (My Computer) and click Map Network Drive
2.) Choose a Drive Letter and enter the following in the Folder line:
3.) Check “Reconnect on Login” and Check “Connect Using different credentials”
4.) Hit Finish
5.) Give it a few minutes, it will eventually ask you for a username and password. Enter your username and password, check Remember Password and hit OK.
6.) Profit! (It will show up in My Computer as another drive like your harddrive.)

Mac Instructions:
1.) In the Mac Finder select the GO menu then choose Connect to Server (Or Command-K).
2.) Put in the address:
3.) When it prompts, put in your username as your name and your password in the password field.


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