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New GoogleTV October30 Update For Sony Logitech Revue Highlights

Google admitted that they didn’t get it right first time so did they second time? October 30 is judgement day. Sony GoogleTV users gets update on October 30 while Logitech revue gets a week later.

Can Google succeed replacing cable and satellite TV with new GoogleTV 2.0 ? May be yes. Google TV 2.0 in my opinion will redefine how new generation watch online channels with user generated video content shared on Youtube. Instead of depending on big production houses for content generation, having users who are long tail as partners making them money happy will create competitive spirit and thrust for innovative content.

GoogleTV 2.0 Highlights:

Android Honeycomb in Google TV. Major difference in 2.0 is Android “apps” optimized for TV users around 50 plus featured and all 2000 plus from Android market place. Previous version users depended mainly on GoogleTV Chrome Browser for media.
– The highly improved SEARCH. Bread and butter of Google is now available in 2.0 TV which can search besides cable and dish the Netflix, HBO Go and Amazon on Demand.
– No hardware improvements. A software update will do the trick for existing Sony or Logitech Revue devices.
Better YouTube. Improved performance in streaming and video delivery. Low-Bandwith and high latency connections get a boost from this improvement. Solving major compliant of “no” attractive content solved with 100s of new channels will be added to Youtube to get to Cable TV experience on YouTube on TV. A new dance, a comedy and a Hispanic channel and more channels.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 29, 2011 | Categories: Google, Technology

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