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Australia Student Visa Cancellations Effected 6500 Indian Students

In stepping up efforts, Australian government is tightening path of permanent residency to students who are out of visa status. The easy immigration path and becoming an Australian citizen is student visas path. There are total eight different student visas.

Australia’s Department of Immigration has eight different kinds of student visas including vocational training, university, English language courses, or school education visas. In order to receive a visa students must be enrolled in a course and show they can pay tuition and living costs and meet health and English language tests.

Last year Australia canceled 15,066 visas and the most effected are 6500 Indian students. The cancellations are mainly of vocational training student visas. The targeted group is either not attending classes or dropped out from the school.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 1, 2011 | Categories: Immigration

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