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BestBuy Bought BlackFriday Premium Twitter Promoted Trend For 2011

Seems like Bestbuy bought the promoted trend “#BlackFriday” for Black Friday 2011. The move Bestbuy made is to lure all Black Friday online web shoppers for exclusive holiday deals. Last year 2010 Black Friday, Target bought “#BlackFriday” on Twitter.

How this promoted twitter trend works ?

This is how Twitter makes money by selling the spot to advertisers through bidding on special big occasions and the keyword hashtags that’s used by many twitter followers. With any purchased Twitter Promoted Trend, when users click on BlackFriday, a sponsored tweet Promoted by Best Buy Deals, which reads “Happy Black Friday! Shop our 3-day Thanksgiving sale in-store or online with #FreeShipping” ” The Tweet contains a link to the company’s BlackFriday landing page.

How much Bestbuy spent on the “BlackFriday” Promoted Trend in unclear. This is profitable and productive way to reach millions and millions of shopping consumers who are looking online for deals and discounts. All reputed brands are using this as source for sales leads and for Twitter the main source of revenue.

Another indirect way for celebrities who can make few bucks (few = $250K) is tweeting about say Amazon is selling their novel for a deal on a Black Friday 2011. This way the celebrities millions of followers can be reached by say Amazon advertiser in this case.

The reach in twitter is bigger in my opinion compared to that of Facebook as its not clear how Facebook can convert occasions like Black Friday into revenue streams. This proves that Twitter is primed for IPO with constant source of revenue on big occasions and trends. The Google became expert with adwords and adsense with “you (publisher or advertiser) make money” using Google medium popularity and the same is followed by twitter and Facebook.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 25, 2011 | Categories: BlackFriday2011, Deals

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