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Black Friday 2011 Cellphones Deals List – HTC Incredible 2, LG, Motorola Droid X2 and Samsung Galaxy S II

The cellphone market convergence is happening or happened with Android vs iOS platform. Most of Android based phones are from HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung. The models to look for in Black Friday 2011 in these brands are 5600, 800G, 900G, A107, Charge, Dart, Droid X2, Evo Design, Galaxy S II, Gusto, Incredible 2, Infuse, Inspire, Intensity II, Marquee, Photon, Statosphere, Status, T359, T401, Thrive, Thunderbolt, Transform, Triumph, Vitality, Wildfire S. Most of the reatilers are offering 96 cents with 2 year contract for these phone. Best time to grab thes if you are out of contract.

Black Friday 2011 Cellphones Accessories Deals List - HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung.
Best-BuySamsungTransformBoost Mobile - Samsung Transform Ultra No-Contract Mobile Phone - Black$114.99
Best-BuyDefender Series Case and Holster$34.99
Best-BuyHTCIncredible 2HTC - DROID Incredible 2 Mobile Phone with Purchase of 2-Year Activation (Verizon Wireless)Free
Best-BuyHTCWildfire SHTC - Wildfire S No-Contract Mobile Phone - Silver$99.99
Best-BuyLG900GLG 900G$19.99
Best-BuySamsungA107Samsung A107$4.99
Best-BuySamsungInfuseSamsung Infuse 4G Android Phone (w/ 2-year AT&T Activation)FREE
Best-BuySamsungVitalitySamsung Vitality with HD Wireless Included$99.99
KmartpayLo by Virgin Mobile S300 No-Contract Phone$19.99
Kmart-TGSamsungGustoVerizon Samsung Gusto Phone$12.99
Office-DepotSamsungSamsung WEP4600 Bluetooth Headset$9.99
Office-MaxSprint Blackberry Curve 8530 for Virgin Mobile$49.99
RadioShackHTCEvo DesignHTC Evo Design 4G$49.99
RadioShackHTCWildfire SHTC Wildfire S No-Contract Phone for Virgin Mobile$99.99
RadioShackLGMarqueeLG Marquee Mobile Phone for Sprint (w/ 2-Year Service Contract)FREE
RadioShackPantech Breakout with Purchase of 2-Year PlanFree
RadioShackPantech Hotshot with Purchase of 2-Year PlanFree
RadioShackSamsungGalaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S II Mobile Phone for AT&T (w/ 2-Year Service Plan)$49.99
RadioShackSamsungStatosphereSamsung Stratosphere for Verizon (w/ 2-Year Service Contract)FREE
Sams-ClubMotorolaPhotonMotorola Photon 4G Android Smartphone (w/ 2 Year Agreement)$0.96
Sams-ClubSamsungChargeSamsung Droid Charge (w/ 2 Year Agreement)$0.96
Sams-ClubSamsungGalaxy S IISamsung Galaxy S II 4G Android Smartphone (w/ 2 Year Agreement)$0.96
ShopkoNet 10 300-Minute Card$27.99
ShopkoTracefone 120-Minute Card$27.99
Target-Holiday-BookHTCInspireAT&T Inspire 4G by HTC$49.99
Target-Holiday-BookAT&T Pantech 7040p GoPhone No-Contract Cell Phone$59.99
Target-Holiday-BookHTCStatusAT&T Status by HTCFREE
Target-Holiday-BookHTCWildfire ST-Mobile HTC Wildfire S$29.99
Target-Holiday-BookLG5600Verizon LG-5600 Prepaid Phone$22.99
Target-Holiday-BookHTCIncredible 2Verizon Wireless Droid Incredible 2 by HTC$149.99
Target-Holiday-BookMotorolaDroid X2Verizon Wireless Droid X2 by Motorola$199.99
Target-Holiday-BookSamsungIntensity IIVerizon Wireless Samsung Intensity IIFREE
Target-Holiday-BookHTCThunderboltVerizon Wireless ThunderBolt by HTC$249.99
Target-Holiday-BookMotorolaTriumphVirgin Mobile Motorola Triumph No-Contract Cell Phone$299.99
Toys-R-UsSamsungT401Net10 Samsung T401 Cell Phone$29.99
Toys-R-Us-114SamsungT359T-Mobile Samsung T359 Cell Phone w/ $10 Gift Card$63.99
Toys-R-Us-Toy-BookLGThriveAT&T LG Thrive GoPhone Cell PhoneBUY NOW: $129.99
Toys-R-Us-Toy-BookAT&T U2800A GoPhone Cell PhoneBUY NOW: $19.99
Toys-R-Us-Toy-BookLG800GNet 10 LG 800G GSM Cell PhoneBUY NOW: $39.99
Toys-R-Us-Toy-BookLG900GNet 10 LG 900G GSM Cell PhoneBUY NOW: $29.99
Toys-R-Us-Toy-BookSamsungDartT-Mobile Samsung Dart Cell PhoneBUY NOW: $149.99
Toys-R-Us-Toy-BookSamsungT359T-Mobile Samsung T359 Cell PhoneBUY NOW: $79.99

Black Friday 2011 Cellphones And Accessories Deals List


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