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Black Friday 2011 Chocolates Cookies Deals List – Hersheys, Russell, Godiva

Holiday season and food go together and the popular brands in this category are Hersheys, Russell and Godiva. The list includes gift boxes , cookie tins, popcorn to name few. A good holiday stocker going into Christmas and after.

Black Friday 2011 Chocolates Cookies Deals List
AAFES20 oz Coffee Beverage (midnight to noon only)Free
AAFESAquafina Bottled Water (24-pk of 16.9oz Bottles)3 for $10.00
AAFESHersheysHershey's Solid Milk Chocolate Bar (5-lbs)$29.99
AAFESPremium Java Ground European Roast Coffee$4.99
AAFESRussellRussell Stover Holiday Chocolates (30 oz)$14.99
AAFESWhitman's Jumbo Sampler$24.99
AC-MooreLarge Cookie Tins$3.00
AC-MooreMedium Cookie Tins$2.00
AC-MooreSmall Cookie Tins$1.00
BeallsGourmet Food50% OFF
HastingsSmall Latte$0.99
JCPenney48" Popcorn Cart$99.88
KmartCheez-it or Keebler Crackers2 for $5
KmartDoritos2 For $5
KmartDunkin Donuts Coffee$12.99
KmartGeneral Mills Cereal or Nature Valley or Fiber One Bars4 for $10
KmartGiant Pez Candy Roll Dispenser$11.99
KmartHoliday Food Gift Sets 9.99 or Higher20% OFF
KmartLays ChipsB1G1
KmartM&M's Firetruck Dispenser$19.99
KmartPepsi3 for $9
KmartPepsi 2 liter, Aquafina Flavorsplash, Sobe Lifewater or Tea 10 for $10
KmartRussellRussell Stover$3.99
KmartSmart Sense Cheese Balls2 for $7
KmartWhitman's 40-oz Sampler$14.99
Kmart-TGHersheysHershey's Pot of Gold$3.99
Kmart-TGPepsi 2 Liter10 for $10
Marine-Corps-Exchange18 PK K-Cups$9.99
Marine-Corps-ExchangeEntire Selection Met-RX Sports Nutrition Products50% OFF
Meijer-Thanksgiving-20112 Liter Bottle of Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Sierra Mist, or Mountain Dew$0.79
Meijer-Thanksgiving-2011Popcorn Tins - 24 oz. Assorted$3.96
Menards2 Lb. Summer Sausage$3.99
Menards3 Pack Assorted Almonds$3.99
Menards3 Pack Assorted Peanuts$3.99
MenardsChocolate Assortment2 for $7
MenardsChocolate Covered Cherries$0.95
MenardsChocolate Covered Macadamias, Turtles, Ferrero Chocolates, Lindt Truffles2 for $5
MenardsDanish Butter Cookies$1.95
MenardsFerrara Chocolate$1.95
MenardsHersheysHershey's or Campbell's Cookbooks$7.98
MenardsLarge Popcorn Tins$3.77
MenardsLifesavers Collector Tins$1.95
MenardsMars Heritage Tins$1.95
MenardsMint Favors$0.68
MenardsPeanut or Pecan Perks$1.95
MenardsThin Ribbon Candy$1.95
MenardsWerther's Original$1.95
MichaelsGodivaGodiva Chocolate Bar for First 100 CustomersFree
Rite-Aid7-Up or Diet 7-Up (12 pack of 12 oz Cans) (w/ $3 +Up Rewards)3 for $9.99
Rite-AidBrown & Haley Roca (10 oz)$2.99
Rite-AidButter Cookies (w/ $1 +Up Rewards)2 for $4
Rite-AidCasher Pieces or Mixed Nuts (14-17 oz) (w/ $1 +Up Rewards)2 for $7.88
Rite-AidHersheysHershey's Pot of Gold Chocolates (w/ $2 +Up Rewards)$3.99
Rite-AidHersheysHershey's, Reeses, M&M Mars and Nestle Single Serve Candy Bars (w/ $1 +Up Rewards)3 for $2
Rite-AidHoliday M&M's (9.9-12.6 oz) (w/ $4 +Up Rewards)4 for $6.00
Rite-AidLays Potato Chips (10-11 oz)$1.88
Rite-AidLifeSavers StoryBook (6.8-7 oz) (w/ $2 +Up Rewards)2 for $4
Rite-AidLindht or Ghirardelli Pouches (4.12 - 6.3 oz)2 for $5.00
Rite-AidMacadamias (6 - 6.5 oz) (w/ $1 +Up Rewards)2 for $7.88
Rite-AidPistachio or Pecan Mix (8.5-9 oz) (w/ $1 +Up Rewards)2 for $7.88
Rite-AidPlanters Holiday 3-pack (w/ $2 +Up Rewards)$4.99
Rite-AidPopcorn Tins (24 oz)$3.88
Rite-AidPringles Super Stack Chips (5.71 - 6.41 oz) (w/ $1 +Up Rewards)2 for $3.00
Rite-AidRussel Stover Bagged Chocolates (2.95 - 3 oz) (w/ $2 +Up Rewards)5 for $5.00
Rite-AidRussel Stover Chocolates (30 oz) (w/ $2 +Up Rewards)$9.99
Rite-AidRussellRussell Stover Solid Milk Chocolate (1-lb Bar) (w/ $2 +Up Rewards)$3.98
Rite-AidSkittles Holiday Mix (10.5 oz) (w/ $2 +Up Rewards)2 for $2.00
Rite-AidSwiss Miss Cocoa Ornaments (1 oz)$0.88
ShopkoEmerson Candy Dispenser$9.99
ShopkoGhirardelli or Lindt Bag Chocolates$5.00
ShopkoHoliday Nuts 3-Pack or Peanut Chrunch 26oz.$5.99
ShopkoKeurig K-Cup Portion Pack$11.99
ShopkoRussel Stover Boxed Chocolates$3.99
ShopkoSisters Gourmet Jar Mixes$9.99
ShopkoThe Popcorn Factory Gourmet Popcorn Tin 40oz.$14.99
Target-Holiday-BookGodivaGodiva Chocolate Santa$4.99
Target-Holiday-BookGodivaGodiva Gems Assorted Caramels Gift Box$12.99
Target-Holiday-BookGodivaGodiva Gems Assorted Truffle Gift Box$19.99
Target-Holiday-BookGodivaGodiva Gems Assorted Truffles tree Gift box$6.99
Target-Holiday-BookGodivaGodiva Gems Holiday Star$5.99
Target-Holiday-BookGodivaGodiva Gems Limited Edition Peppermint Truffles$4.99
Target-Holiday-BookGodivaGodiva Gems Truffle Tubes$5.99
WalgreensAlamos Malbec, 750 ml.$8.99
WalgreensEcco Domani Pinot Grigio, 750 ml.$8.99
WalgreensGallo Twin Valley Wine, 1.5 Liter$6.99
WalgreensLiberty Creek Wine, 1.5 Liter $4.99
WalgreensMirassou Pino Noir, 750 ml.$8.99
WalgreensPaluzzi Wine, 1.5 Liter$7.99
WalgreensPlanters Nuts (w/ $1 Register Rewards)2 for $7.00
WalgreensPure Drinking Water, 16.9 oz 24 pack (w/ coupon)$2.49
WalgreensRussellRussell Stover Chocolates, 10 to 12 oz. (w/ coupon)$3.99
WalgreensSonnenband Wine, 1.5 Liter$7.99
WalgreensTheater Pack Candy$1.39 or 3 for $2.00
WalgreensWalgreens Premium Ice Cream, 1 Pint (w/ coupon)2 for $3.00
WalgreensWelch's Sparkling Grape Juice, 25.4 oz. (w/ instant value coupon)2 for $4.00

Black Friday 2011 Chocolates Cookies Deals List


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