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BlackFriday 2011 LED, LCD, Plasma TVs Preferences And Price Predictions

TVs are #1 selling items during Black Friday shopping list. The 3D and Smart TVs took off on a slow start and did not hold enough steam to have existing customers upgrade their current TV sets. First and foremost buying tip – know what you need NOT want. TV or Not. Do brand research. Jot down all the product names and model numbers.

Which is right TV – Plasma, LED or LCD says “for overall image quality, including such factors as contrast ratio, viewing angle and image uniformity, plasma provides the best HDTV performance.”

LED TVs are expensive and energy savings over the life of TV set not worth it – “LED TVs are the most energy efficient. However, for most consumers, energy savings throughout the set’s lifespan will not be sufficient to offset the set’s higher initial cost.

name-brand vs. no-name brand HDTV – Which one is best ?

Though brand names account for price premiums but comes with no-hassle returns and parts services. HDGuru nailed this by comparing store warranties with return policies for brand vs. no-brand TVs.

“Given the choice between a name-brand HDTV (i.e. Panasonic, Samsung , Sony, Toshiba) with their own parts network and established nationwide service, and a Vizio or a no-name brand (i.e. Sceptre, Seiki , Curtis) we recommend going with the name brand set.

If you buy with American Express card or MasterCard (link) you get a double length warranty (usually two years total) at no cost. If you do need service for a problem, the name brand companies stand behind their products.”

Enough .. What are price predictions for TVs this Black Friday 2011?

Sort or filter and get the TV list to shop for Black Friday 2011.

TV inches720p or 1080pLED or LCD or PLASMA3DBrand or No BrandPrice
32720pLCDNo Brand$169
40720pLCDNo Brand$288
401080pLCDNo Brand$339
401080pLED LCD3DBrand$689
461080pLCDNo Brand$399
461080pLED LCDBrand$599
551080pLCDNo Brand$639
601080pLED LCDBrand$1099
701080pLED LCDBrand$2399

BlackFriday 2011 TV LCD, LED & Plasma TV Price predictions List

Source: Buying a TV on Black Friday? The price predictions are in


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