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Make Money With Discover Card Plus Chargesmart Bill Payments

Basics – What is Discover Card ? What is Chargesmart ?

Discover Card is a credit card. Chargesmart is bill pay service that can be used to pay utility bills with credit cards.

Credit Card vs. Check – Bill payments

Utility companies does not require transaction fee if paid by check. But writing a check and having sufficient funds in the checking account drawbacks makes service like Chargesmart to centrally pay bills using credit cards. But paying bills via credit card incurs a fee. This fee is flat fee charged by utility companies. For small business owners paying via credit cards is norm.

Discover Card Plus Chargesmart = Fee credited as Cash back Savings

The sweetening deal is use Chargesmart but pay using Discover card. If the utility company say is saying that $2 fee is charged to credit card for the transaction. Instead of user paying the $2 fee, the $2 savings will be added back to Discover card. By paying utility bill through discover credit card using Chargesmart one can make money instead of paying them as fees.

How much money you can make is displayed in Chargesmart before you confirm payment – here is FAQ about the utility fees. “However, depending on the biller, there is either a blended fee (including a percentage of the transaction cost) or a flat fee associated with your transaction. The fee will be displayed prominently before you proceed with your transaction, and again at the “Confirm your Payment” screen before the card is charged.”


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