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Neo Cricket US Channel Available For Time Warner Cable Customers

Neo Cricket is set to available in US to New York city residents via Time Warner cable in Channel 571. The channel is popular 24/7 cricket channel broadcasting in India and other 30 countries with top sports ratings. The recent concluded India vs. England series in India is telecasted by Neo Cricket which bought the rights from Prasara Bharthi for 5 crore indian rupees. The “aha” moment of Sachin Tendulkar achieving 200 runs in one day internationals are witnessed by many cricket fans is indeed broadcasted on Neo Cricket in India and 25 other countries. Now Time Warner US viewers can be part of this cricket recordable moments.
Note: The Neo Cricket channel is available currently to dish, xfinity and other networks.

The bag of good news for cricket fans is that Neo Cricket covers all international cricket matches and tournaments organized by BCCI including the popular leagues like IPL. This coverage is already available along side of Ten Cricket and Willow Cricket channels in US for dish satellite network, Xfinity and other cable customers. The growing US cricket base helping sports channels to get a piece of US viewership who at most times depends on online streaming to watch cricket series.

Pricing of Neo Cricket in US from Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable customers can order NEO Cricket for $9.95 per month or receive it through the company’s Hindi programming packages: Hindi Passport, which is priced at $29.99 per month and Hindi Pass Plus, which sells for $39.99 per month

Neo Cricket Schedule in North America


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 5, 2011 | Categories: Cricket, TV Channels

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