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Send Free International Text Messages Using JaxtrSMS

Cell phone carrier provides SMS (Messaging or texting) facility – Why should I need third party messaging app

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon in US charges 20 cents a message. Seems smaller right but here is the rip-off math. A text messaging or SMS is limited to only 160 characters. In technical terms 160 bytes. MSNBC digital life calculated that for 1 GB of data limit the user will end up paying $1.25 million. So the need of free web messaging applications.

List of free text messaging applications for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones And Tablets

Apple iOS5 natively built messaging into the iPhone operating system. If you are using iPad or iPod Touch Wi-Fi then your email address is used in sending texts to other registered emails or phone numbers in iOS. Third party apps include Textfree, TextPlus, or TextNow. The restrictions with these free text messaging apps are that they work only in US and not international.

Sending Free Text Messages To International Phones

Jaxtr is a silicon valley company famous for free VOIP calling. All users have to do is enter calling number and receiving numbers. Both phones ring and pick up “from” number and talk “to” number for free. The same company seems like went through acquisitions and now part of Sabse Technologies whose Co-founder & Chairman is Sabeer Bhatia. Sabeer Bhatia is the Hotmail founder who sold it to Microsoft for $400 million.

JaxtrSMS seems like part of Sabse Technologies but not sure. JaxtrSMS app is available on iOS, Android, Symbian, and Blackberry. You can send text messages now to any one who lives internationally, has a phone number and the good part is that they don’t have to install the app.

How JaxtrSMS works?


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