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Seven Useful Websites To Veterans For Job Searching

The rising Veterans unemployment is key issue that is addressed part of $447 billion Obama’s proposed Jobs plan. The Vetrans day 2011 will bring good news for the people looking for job. A bill so close to become a legislation will help veterans find jobs. The key incentives for businesses included tax credits of $2,400 for companies hiring veterans who have been jobless at least four weeks, and $5,600 for vets out of work at least six months. In addition to below list of seven useful Vets job search sites – See the list of all 20 job search sites that will be useful based on the needs of job seeker – for example say a job seeker is looking for a salary cap of $100,000 or more then meets the search requirements. [The posts will benefit Vets – free meals and restaurants list for Veterans Day 2011 and store discounts – HomeDepot, Lowes, Samsclub and Seven Useful Websites To Veterans For Job Searching]

Job Search WebsiteVeterans Job search Details
NRD.govGoogle worked with US Government in creating a custom job search. "This custom search engine uses the power and scale of Google search to constantly crawl the web, looking for JobPosting markup from on sites like to identify veteran-committed job openings."
Not a job serach per say but the report is gold to see the details of hiring patterns and skills very specific and unique to Veterans.
"White House itself is getting involved with the launch of, a site where vets can find their dream jobs."
linkedin"On Thursday, we will also be launching a special microsite tailored for veterans with tips, tools and information on the best ways to find new opportunities across the LinkedIn network. We will also offer all veterans in the U.S. a free one-year Job Seeker subscription, an aggregate value of up to $100 million. All veterans with updated military experience on their LinkedIn profiles will receive an email with more information on how to take advantage of their free subscription and premier tools for job seekers. If you are a veteran, but not yet on LinkedIn, we encourage you to create a LinkedIn profile and access the utilities we’re offering to veterans."
military.comVery useful translator which maps military skills to civilian job skills.


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