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Thanksgiving 2011 Cooking Drinking Dining Vegetarian Recipes List

Who will answer my Thanksgiving cooking, drinking – dining questions?

All your questions about Thanksgiving Cooking is answered by NYTimes Times Topics archives.

The Dining staff is taking questions on Thanksgiving cooking, drinking, entertaining or any other holiday hurdles. Send us a message via Twitter at @nytimesdining using the hashtag #ThanksgivingQs, or post a question here. They will be answered in the coming weeks.

For health conscious people who wants to go for healthy Thanksgiving. Go here – recipes_for_health.

For drinking tasty and budgetary wines – see the top 10 thanksgiving wines list compiled in Food & Drink – LEISURE section of Fox News.

Thanksgiving recipes where are they?

The famous family holiday dessert stereotype that can be enjoyed on Thanksgiving is Pumpkin Pie (vegan, gluten free, soy free). Note this recipe is not for diet conscious people. The calorie-rich dessert is around 510 calories. Pecans, Coconut Milk, Cashews can bump up the calories.

Here is step by step instructions from instructables of making vegan, gluten free, soy free Pumpkin Pie for Thangsgiving.

Drought and demand from China pushed the dollar value of Pecan prices so expect pricey Pecan pie this Thanksgiving. “The average retail price for a pound of pecans rose from $7 in 2008 to $9 last year, and it’s expected to be about $11 this year“.

28 vegetarian recipes from Nytimes:

Celebrity chef Art Smith’s thanksgiving Recipes – deep-fried turkey and waffles

Lady Gaga going to be on a ABC TV show on Thanksgiving with Tony Bennett and Katie Couric. In the same show Celbrity chef Art Smith is going to share recipes for deep-fried turkey and waffles. Looks like a damage control precaution to balance the holiday show with chef recipes.


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