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Walmart iPad, iPhone App Highlights – Voice Entry, Barcode Scanner, Aisle Locator, Coupons

Walmart though late in the “technology” game for the iPhone Apps seems to be getting it right with the features strategy in the App. Other than browsing the inventory of items in Walmart store – the app is taking advantages of new iOS capabilities like voice activated lists. Smart Shopping List is the latest and smartest edition to one year old Walmart iPhone App. The November 10, 2011 app updated targeting holiday season in mind. The focus is smart shopping with Walmart’s core competency of “Everyday Low Prices”.

What Does Smart Shopping List Include ?

Voice Entry, Barcode Scanner, Aisle Locator, Coupons. Shopping list digital replacement is what Walmart aiming at.

Barcode Scanner

Add items using Walmart App’s built-in barcode scanner. At home take the iPhone and scan already used say 2% milk can bar code. The shopping list is populated with the item and its price.

Voice Entry

Integrated voice dictation using Nuance’s speech recognition, Speak into the app the items you want say “Cheese”. The list populates with different brand name cheeses with prices to add to the shopping list. If it doesn’t recognizes your voice because of flu or cold there is a keyboard to take the input instead of voice recognition.

Aisle Locator Tool

A time and money saver. With Barcode scanner and voice recognition, the shopping list is ready then aisle locator will tell exactly where to find your list item. Awesome!!. Though in beta this is supposed to be rolled out in all stores.


This is best integration if it really works. The list items are now searched for coupons using and say for Enfamil Pediasure there is a manufacturer coupon of $3 then this should be shown with a link. Seems like currently the gotcha is one needs to print this coupon and take it to store. In future we expect this becomes more Eco-friendly by scanning in the phone itself. This is real game changer with making us learn to budget and total our shopping list ahead of time with coupons savings.

Other Wlmart App Goodies

Source : Walmart iPhone App

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