As Life Goes Digital

As Life Goes Digital

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Superbowl 2012 Giants vs Patriots Live Streaming Sites – NBC, NFL, Verizon

For first time ever in NFL history, the Super Bowl 2012 will be streamed live online. NBC bagged all broadcasting rights both TV and digital online streaming for Superbowl XLVI in Indianapolis on Feb 5′ 2012 at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Superbowl XLVI 2012 Giants vs. Patriots Live Streaming Links

NBC will live stream the “BIG” game of Giants and the New England Patriots on and

What are Browser Prerequisites to Watch online Superbowl on Microsoft internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome & Apple Safari ?

  • Download the latest versions of BOTH Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash.
  • Some trouble shooting tips of online streaming on various browsers.
    1) In Firefox, go to the “Options” menu, go to “Content“, and check the “Enable Javascript option
    2) In Chrome, choose “Options“, “Under the Hood“, “Content Settings“, “Plug-Ins“, and check “Run Automatically (Recommended)
    3) In Safari, go to “Preferences“, “Security“, and check the “Enable Plug-Ins” radio button
    4) In Internet Explorer 9, open the Internet Options control panel, select “Privacy“, and dial your “Privacy Zone settings” down to “Medium or lower“.

    How To Watch Superbowl 2012 on iPhone, iPad and Android Smart Phones & Tablets

    For PC users its simple – NBCSports.COM and NFL.COM
    For Smart Phones & Tablet users – NFL Mobile is the app. Only Verizon subscribers. Verizon Wireless bagged exclusive mobile deal with the NFL, will broadcast NBC’s live stream to its iOS and Android-equipped subscribers.

    1. iPhone/iPad users App Store link – NFLMobile –
    2. Android users Market App Store link – NFLMobile –

    Options for NON Verizon subscribers to watch Superbowl 2012 on smart phones

    – Ustream, mobile apps may be handy to watch if you are not a Verizon subscriber. Sopcast player is another option to watch these games. But may not be officially approved/legal by NFL. Use these apps at your own risk.

    Can NBC attract more online Superbowl viewers ?

    In the past NBC stood up to challenge with its “big” games streaming events like 2008 and 2010 Olympic Games and Sunday Night Football broadcasts. Since the online event is exclusively for US viewers, the number of predicted online users are around ~300,000. Like previous streaming events, the online fans are guaranteed with game’s digital experience.

    Some of NBC online watching goodies to take note of —

    1. HD streaming
    2. DVR-like controls – pause, stop, rewind, play, record – live game
    3. Chat Rooms for fans
    4. Near TV experience – multiple camera angles
    5. On Demand highlights
    6. Much more interactive game/team statistic and features.

    Does online Superbowl streaming replaces traditional TV telecasts?

    NO. This will aid as second experience for the fans to get up-to date additional info on game stats on their smart devices. For the fans who could not be before TV or on road can make this alternative a must to watch the “big” game.


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    Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 30, 2012 | Categories: OtherNews

    2 Responses to Superbowl 2012 Giants vs Patriots Live Streaming Sites – NBC, NFL, Verizon

    1. gabe says:

      What about international viewers? Can we watch live streaming of the Super Bowl?

    2. Kalyan says:

      @Gabe ..yes i believe the same applies for international viewers. NFL in the past had their country counter parts websites like NFL UK , NFL Japan stream the content online. But given the history of NFLs tight control over streaming rules the streaming may differ country to country. I’ll post additional details for international viewers if I find new info.


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