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As Life Goes Digital

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Free $25 Gift Card For Applying American Express Prepaid Card

What are Prepaid cards ? Cards that can be pre-loaded with cash either online or by telephone or direct deposit pay.

Why do we need them if we have credit cards or check cards ? credit cards or check cards have over draft fees and monthly fees associated with them. If credit cards are not paid on time it effects credit history. The spending discipline is what differentitates prepaid cards from other cards. Prepaid cards serve two purposes – 1) an alternative checking account, and 2) budget teaching card for kids/teenagers/spouses

What are popular prepaid cards and their fees?
Green Dot, NetSpend, AccountNow,American Express and Capital One
Cardhub compared all fees baggage that comes with prepaid cards –

Deal – Claiming Free $25 Gift Card From American Express
Enter promo code AEPC25 when you order American Express Prepaid Card. Load the Card within 45 days (prior to April 30, 2012).The location to order prepaid card is here

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