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Black Friday 2012 Apple iPod, iPod Touch Deals List

Apple usually doesn’t drop its prices even if it is for Black Friday. The retailers usually make up Apple deals by giving away gift cards. BestBuy or Target does these gift cards for Apple products. Expect $20 – $50 range gift cards from these retailers during Black Friday 2012. Though rising interest in Android based platforms is making Apple forecast lackluster 2012 holiday sales.

Some BlackFriday 2012 highlights or steals :

StoreDescriptionPriceMemoryGoodies with Apple devices
AAFESIpod Touch 4th Generation$195.0016 GB$25.00 Gift Card
Best BuyIpod Nano$144.9916 GB$20.00 Best Buy Gift Card
Best BuyIpod Touch 4th Generation$194.9916 GB$50.00 Best Buy Gift Card
Best BuyIpod Touch 5th Generation$294.9932 GB$50.00 Best Buy Gift Card
HastingsIpod Touch 4th Generation Refurbished$149.998 GB
HastingsIpod Touch 4th Generation$179.998 GB
Radio ShackIpod Nano$149.9916 GB$20.00 Coupon
Radio ShackIpod Touch 4th Generation$199.9916 GB$30.00 Coupon
TargetIpod Nano$149.9916 GB$20 Target Gift Card
TargetIpod Touch$195.0016 GB$40 Target Gift Card
Toys 'R' UsIpod Touch 4th Generation$199.9916 GB$20.00 Toys R Us Gift Card, $30.00 I Tunes Cards
WalmartIpod Touch w/ Accessories$179.00On line only
WalmartIpod Touch$195.0016 GB10 pm Doorbuster
hhgreggIpod Nano$139.9916 GB
hhgreggIpod Touch 4th Generation$179.99
hhgreggIpod Shuffle$44.99


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