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Black Friday 2012 LCD HDTV List – Toshiba, Westinghouse, Samsung, Panasonic

Are LCD TVs extinct yet ? Seems like not at least for 2012 Black Friday. LED TVs are ruling HDTV types compared to LCD and Plasma types. LCDs slowly transitioning to LED LCD backlit. If one cares low prices and cares less for energy savings or thin weight TVs then go for LCD TV. May be for second TV or a TV needed in kids bedroooms or a workout room TV best fits LCD types. Make sure not spend more than $350 as the LCD technology is fading very fast and may not be in market next year. If it comes to LCD vs LED, go for LED.

Some 2012 Black Thursday/Friday LCD highlights or steals

Westinghouse 50” 1080p LCD HDTV from Target for $350.
Toshiba 40E220U 40” 1080p LCD HDTV from BestBuy for $180.
Toshiba 32C1200 32” 1080p from from Kmart for $250.

Black Friday 2012 LCD HDTVs List

StoreDescr-iptionModelBrandPriceInches1080p or 720pHzFriday or Thursday Item
BJ's WholesaleSamsung 32'' LED HDTVSamsungSamsung$249.9932''1080p60HzFriday
Best BuyToshiba 40'' 1080p LCD HDTVToshiba 40E220UToshiba$179.9940''1080p60HzFriday
Best BuyPanasonic 32'' LCD 720p HDTVPanasonic TC-L32C5Panasonic$189.9932''720p60HzFriday
Best BuyInsignia™ 55'' LCD 1080p HDTVInsignia NS-55L260A13Insignia$599.9955''1080p120HzFriday
KmartProscan 32'' LCD/DVD HDTVProscan PLCDV3213AProscan$229.9932''720p60HzThursday
KmartRCA 32'' class LCD TV with Built-In DVD PlayerRCA 32LB30RQDRCA$239.9932''720p60HzThursday
KmartSamsung 32'' LCD HDTVSamsung LN32D403Samsung$249.9932''720p60HzFriday
KmartToshiba 32'' LCD HDTVToshiba 32C1200Toshiba$249.9932''1080p60HzFriday
KmartPanasonic 32' 'LCD HDTVPanasonic TC-L32C5Panasonic$279.9932''720p60HzFriday
KmartProscan 50'' class LCD 1080p HDTVProscan PLCD5092AProscan$288.0050''1080p60HzThursday
KmartRCA 39'' LCD 1080p HDTVRCA 39LB45RQRCA$329.9932''1080p60HzFriday
KmartToshiba 40'' LCD 1080p HDTVToshiba 40E220OUToshiba$379.9940''1080p60HzFriday
KmartProscan 32'' HDTVProscan PLCD3283BProscan$97.0032''720p60HzThursday
Navy ExchangeCoby 40'' 1080p LCD HDTVCoby TFTV4025Coby$279.9940''1080p60HzFriday
SearsSeiki 39'' Widescreen 1080p LCD HDTVSeiki SC392TSSeiki$199.9939''1080p60HzFriday
ShopKoCoby 32'' 720p LCD HDTVCobyCoby$179.9932''720p60HzThursday
ShopKoSansui 32'' LCD/DVD Combo HDTVSansuisansui$249.99 (AR)32''720p60HzThursday
ShopKoSamsung 32'' LCD HDTVSamsungSamsung$249.9932''720p60HzThursday
ShopKoCoby 39''LCD HDTVCobyCoby$279.9939''1080p60HzThursday
ShopKoSansui 46'' LCD HDTVSansuiSansui$399.99 (AR)46''1080pFridayThursday
TargetApex 32'' 1080p LCD HDTVApexApex$147.0032''1080p60HzThursday
TargetWestinghouse 50'' 1080p LCD HDTVWestinghouseWestinghouse$349.0050''1080p60HzThursday
WalmartEmerson 32'' 720p LCD HDTV [Thursday 10pm]EmersonEmerson$149.0032''720p60HzThursday
WalmartEmerson 40'' 1080p LCD HDTV [Thursday 10pm]EmersonEmerson$198.0040''1080p60HzThursday
WalmartEmerson 50'' 1080p LCD HDTV [Friday 5am]EmersonEmerson$298.0050''1080p60HzThursday
hhgreggToshiba 32'' 720p LCD HDTVToshiba 32C12OUToshiba$179.99 AR32''720p60HzThursday
hhgreggCombo 32'' 720p LCD HDTV / DVD Player ComboCoby TFDVD3299Combo$269.9932''720p60HzFriday


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