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Black Friday 2012 LED HDTV List – Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, LG

LED TVs will be hot selling TV types this year. Artistically thin and fits and brings a fashion statement to the room. The energy savings though marketed applies over the life time of the TV. The market is crowded this time with almost 120 plus LED TVs on sale price from well known retailers this Black Friday 2012. The prices have come down for LEDs drastically.

Walmart and Bestbuy items are getting price matched else where by Amazon or at Target. Watch out for convenience to avoid Walmart stampedes or mad rush on Thursday 8 PM openings. TVs are hot cakes so got to be in line or online and should grab them as quickly as possible to get a best deal. TVs on sale for Black Friday 2012 from past history goes off and tokens given to the people in lines and taken off the shelves with in first 5 or 10 minutes. Be agile after a heavy thanksgiving meal !!

Some 2012 Black Thursday/Friday LED highlights or steals

Vizio 60″ 1080p Smart LED HDTV from AMAZON or Walmart for $688
Samsung 55” 1080p LED Smart HDTV Samsung UN55ES6100 from Sears and HHGREGG for $1097

Black Friday 2012 LED HDTV List

StoreLED TV DescriptionLED ModelInchesBrandPrice1080p OR 720PHZThursday or Friday Item
AAFESSamsung 26'' 720p HDTVSamsung UN26EH400026''Samsung$199.00720p60HzFriday
AAFESSamsung 32'' 720p LED HDTVSamsung UN32EH400332''Samsung$249.00720p60HzFriday
AAFESSamsung 39'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung UN39EH500339''Samsung$399.001080p60HzFriday
AAFESSony 24'' HD 3D Display BundleSony24''Sony$415.00??Friday
AAFESLG 47'' 1080p LED HDTVLG 47LS450047''LG$599.001080p120HzFriday
AAFESSony 55'' 1080p LED Smart HDTV with WiFiSony KDL-55EX64055''Sony$799.001080p240HzFriday
BJ's WholesaleSamsung 55'' 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV?Samsung55''Samsung$1,049.99 1080p120HzFriday
BJ's WholesaleVizio 65'' 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTVVizio65''Vizio$1,289.99 1080p120HzFriday
BJ's WholesaleSansui 29'' LED HDTVSansui29''Sansui$149.99720p60HzFriday
BJ's WholesaleSamsung 22'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung22''Samsung$159.991080p?Friday
BJ's WholesaleSansui 39'' 1080p LED HDTVSansui39''Sansui$279.991080p60HzFriday
BJ's WholesaleSamsung 39'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung?Samsung$399.991080p60HzFriday
BJ's WholesaleVizio 42'' 1080p Smart LCD HDTVVizio42''Vizio$399.991080p120HzFriday
BJ's WholesaleLG 47'' 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV with 3D and Soundbar BundleLG47''LG$699.991080p120HzFriday
BJ's WholesaleSamsung 46'' 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTVSamsung46''Samsung$769.991080p120HzFriday
BJ's WholesaleLG 55'' 1080p 120Hz LED HDTVLG55''LG$799.991080p120HzFriday
BJ's WholesaleVizio 60'' 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTVVizio60''Vizio$929.991080p120HzFriday
BelkGPX 19'' LED HDTV DVDGPX19''GPX$129.99720p60HzFriday
Best BuyPanasonic 55'' 1080p Smart 3D LED HDTV w/ Soundbar & Wireless SubPanasonic TC-L55ET5/SC-HTB35055''Panasonic$1,049.98 1080p120HzFriday
Best BuySamsung 65'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung UN65EH6000FXZA65''Samsung$1,497.99 1080p120HzFriday
Best BuyLG 24 LED - 720p HDTVLG 24MA31D24''LG$159.99720p60HzFriday
Best BuySamsung - 32'' LED 720p HDTVSamsung UN32EH4003FXZA32''Samsung$247.99720p60HzFriday
Best BuySamsung - 39'' LED 1080p HDTVSamsung UN39EH5003FXZA39''Samsung$397.991080p60HzFriday
Best BuyToshiba 50'' 1080p LED HDTVToshiba 50L2200U50''Toshiba$399.991080p60HzFriday
Best BuySamsung 40'' 1080p 3D LED HDTV w/ 2 Pairs of 3D GlassesSamsung UN40EH6030FXZA40''Samsung$497.991080p120HzFriday
Best BuySamsung 46'' 1080p 3D LED HDTV w/ 2 Pairs of 3D GlassesSamsung UN46EH6030FXZA46''Samsung$647.991080p120HzFriday
Best BuySamsung 55'' 1080p 240Hz LED HDTVSamsung UN55EH6000FXZA55''Samsung$799.991080p240HzFriday
Best BuyPanasonic 55'' LED 1080p 3D HDTVPanasonic TC-L55ET555''Panasonic$899.991080p120HzFriday
Best BuyInsignia™ 26'' LED 1080p HDTVInsignia NS-26E340A1326''Insignia$99.991080p60HzFriday
Best BuySharp AQUOS 60'' 1080p LED HDTVSharp LC-60LE600U60''Sharp$999.991080p120HzFriday
Best BuyInsignia™ 39'' LED 1080p HDTVInsignia NS-39D240A1339''Insignia$HOT PRICE1080p60HzFriday
CVS PharmacyRCA 13'' Widescreen LED HDTV DVD Player ComboRCA13''RCA$88.88720p60HzFriday
Dell HomeSamsung 32'' 720p LED HDTVSamsung Series 4 Model UN32EH4003FXZA32''Samsung$249.99720p60HzFriday
Dell HomeSamsung 55'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung Series 6 Model UN55EH6000FXZA55''Samsung$879.991080p120HzThursday
HastingsVizio Razor 32'' LED 720p HDTVVizio 84716800969, 7137578579032''Vizio$239.99720p60HzFriday
KmartSeiki 22'' LED HDTVSeiki SE222FS22''Seiki$139.99720p60HzFriday
KmartRCA 24'' LED HDTVRCA LED24B45RQ24''RCA$199.991080p60HzFriday
KmartProscan 32'' Class LED HDTVProscan PLDED3273A32''Proscan$229.99720p60HzFriday
KmartSamsung 40'' class LED 1080p HDTVSamsung LED32B3ORQ40''Samsung$429.991080p60HzFriday
KmartLG 47'' LED 1080p HDTVLG 47LS450047''LG$599.991080p120HzThursday
KmartSeiki 24'' class LED 1080p HDTVSeiki SE242TS24''Seiki$88.001080p60HzThursday
KmartLG 55'' class LED 1080p HDTVLG 55LS450055''LG$899.991080p120HzFriday
Navy ExchangeCoby 32'' LED HDTVCoby LEDTV325632''Coby$199.99720p60Hz?
Navy ExchangeSony 55'' 1080p LED Smart HDTV with WiFiSony KDL55EX64055''Sony$799.991080p240Hz?
Navy ExchangeSharp AQUOS 60'' 1080p LED HDTVSharp LC60LE640U60''Sharp$999.991080p120Hz?
Radio ShackApex 24'' 1080p LED HDTVApex LE241224''Apex$149.991080p60HzFriday
Radio ShackApex 32'' LED HDTVApex LE324232''Apex$199.99720p60HzFriday
Sam's ClubMagnavox 32'' 720p LED HDTVMagnavox 32ME402V/F732''Magnavox$198.00720p60HzFriday
Sam's ClubSanyo 40'' 1080p LED HDTVSanyo FVM401240''Sanyo$348.001080p60HzFriday
Sam's ClubSanyo 46'' 1080p LED HDTVSanyo FVM461246''sanyo$448.001080p60HzFriday
Sam's ClubVizio 47'' 1080p 120Hz 3D Smart LED HDTVVizio M3D470KDE47''Vizio$648.001080p120HzFriday
Sam's ClubLG 47'' 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV w/ Soundbar SpeakerLG 47LM470047''LG$779.001080p120HzFriday
Sam's ClubSamsung 55'' 1080p 120Hz LED HDTVSamsung UN55ES600355''Samsung$998.001080p120HzFriday
Sam's ClubVizio 65'' Razor LED 1080p 120Hz Smart HDTVVizio M650VSE65''Vizio$998.001080p120HzFriday
SearsSamsung 60'' 1080p LED HDTV (Thursday)Samsung UN60EH600360''Samsung$1,099.99 1080p120HzThursday
SearsSamsung 60'' LED 1080p 120hz HDTVSamsung UN60EH600060''Samsung$1,199.99 1080p120HzFriday
SearsSharp 60'' LED 1080p 120hz Smart HDTVSharp LE60LE640U60''Sharp$1,199.99 1080p120HzFriday
SearsSamsung 60'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung UN60ES600360''Samsung$1,299.99 1080p120HzFriday
SearsSamsung 55'' 3D Smart 1080p LED HDTV (Thursday)Samsung UN55ES700355''Samsung$1,499.99 1080p240HzThursday
SearsSamsung 55'' LED 1080p 120hz 3D Smart HDTVSamsung UN55ES710055''Samsung$1,597.99 1080p240HzFriday
SearsSeiki 32'' LED HDTVSeiki SE322FS32''Seiki$199.99720p60HzFriday
SearsSharp 70'' LED 1080p 120hz Smart HDTVSharp LE70LE640U70''Sharp$1,999.99 1080p120HzFriday
SearsSamsung 32'' 720p LED HDTV (Thursday)Samsung UN32EH400332''Samsung$249.99720p60HzThursday
SearsToshiba 50'' 1080p LED HDTV (Thursday)Toshiba 50L2200U50''Toshiba$299.991080p60HzThursday
SearsPanasonic 32'' 720p LED HDTVPanasonic TC-L32X532''Panasonic$349.99720p60HzFriday
SearsSamsung 39'' LED HDTVSamsung UN39EH500339''Samsung$399.991080p60HzFriday
SearsSamsung 40'' 1080p LED HDTV (Thursday)Samsung UN40EH500040''Samsung$429.991080p60HzThursday
SearsSamsung 40'' LED 1080p 120hz HDTVSamsung UN40EH600040''Samsung$549.991080p120HzFriday
SearsLF 47'' 1080p LED HDTV (Thursday)LG 47LS450047''LG$599.991080p120HzThursday
SearsSamsung 40'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung UN40ES600340''Samsung$599.991080p60HzFriday
SearsLG 47'' 1080p 3D LED HDTVLG 47LM460047''LG$699.991080p120HzFriday
SearsSamsung 46'' 1080p LED HDTV (Thursday)Samsung UN46ES600346''Samsung$699.991080p120HzThursday
SearsSamsung 46'' LED 1080p 120hz Smart HDTVSamsung UN46ES610046''Samsung$797.991080p120HzFriday
SearsSharp 52'' LED 1080p 120hz Smart HDTVSharp LC52LE640U52''Sharp$799.991080p120HzFriday
SearsSamsung 55'' 1080p LED HDTV (Thursday)Samsung UN55EH600055''Samsung$879.991080p120HzThursday
SearsLG 55'' 1080p LED HDTVLG 55LS450055''LG$899.991080p120HzFriday
SearsLG 55'' 3D LED 1080p 120hz HDTVLG 55LM460055''LG$999.991080p120HzFriday
SearsSamsung 55'' 1080p LED HDTV (Thursday)Samsung UN55ES600355''Samsung$999.991080p120HzThursday
Sears HometownSamsung 55'' 1080p LED Smart HDTVSamsung UN55ES610055''Samsung$1,099.99 1080p120HzFriday
Sears HometownSharp 60'' 1080p LED Smart HDTVSharp LC60LE640U60''Sharp$1,199.99 1080p120HzFriday
Sears HometownSeiki 24'' LED HDTVSeiki SE -24ITS24''Seiki$149.991080p60HzFriday
Sears HometownSamsung 32'' LED 720p HDTVSamsung UN32EH400332''Samsung$249.99720p60HzFriday
Sears HometownSamsung 40'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung UN40EH500040''Samsung$429.991080p60HzFriday
Sears HometownToshiba 50'' LED 1080p HDTVToshiba 50L2200U50''Toshiba$499.991080p60HzFriday
Sears HometownSamsung 46'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung UN46EH500046''Samsung$579.991080p60HzFriday
Sears HometownSharp 52'' 1080p LED Smart HDTVSharp LC52LE640U52''Sharp$799.991080p120HzFriday
Sears HometownSamsung 55'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung UN55EH600055''Samsung$879.991080p120HzFriday
ShopKoLG 55'' LED Smart HDTVLG55''LG$1,199.99 1080p120HzThursday
ShopKoSansui 24'' LED HDTVSansui24''Sansui$149.99 (AR)720p60HzThursday
ShopKoHaier 24'' LED/DVD Combo HDTVHaier24''Haier$199.991080p60HzThursday
ShopKoSansui 39'' LED HDTVSansui39''Sansui$289.99 (AR)1080p60HzThursday
ShopKoLG 47'' LED 3D HDTVLG47''LG$697.991080p120HzThursday
ShopKoLG 47'' LED Smart HDTVLG47''LG$799.991080p120HzThursday
ShopKoSamsung 46'' LED Smart HDTVSamsung46''Samsung$799.991080p120HzThursday
ShopKoSony 46'' LED Smart HDTVSony XR24046''Sony$799.991080p120HzThursday
ShopKoCoby 19''LED HDTVCoby19''Coby$89.99720p60HzThursday
ShopKoLG 55'' LED HDTVLG55''LG$897.991080p120HzThursday
Stein MartCoby 19'' LED HDTV with DVD PlayerCoby TFDVD199519''Coby$129.96720p60HzFriday
TargetSamsung 32'' 720p LED HDTVSamsung UN32EH400332''Samsung$247.99720p60HzThursday
TargetSamsung 50'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung50''Samsung$699.001080p120HzFriday
Toys 'R' UsCoby 19'' LED HDTVCoby LEDTV192619''Coby$99.99720p60HzThursday
WalmartSharp 70'' 1080p LED HDTV [Friday 5am]Sharp70''Sharp$1,798.00 1080p120HzFriday
WalmartSamsung 32'' 720p LED HDTV [Thursday 10pm]Samsung32''Samsung$248.00720p60HzThursday
WalmartSamsung 39'' 1080p LED HDTV [Friday 5am]Samsung UN39EH500339''Samsung$398.001080p60HzFriday
WalmartSamsung 46'' Smart 1080p WiFi LED HDTV [Thursday 10pm]Samsung UN46EH530046''Samsung$598.001080p120HzThursday
WalmartVizio 60'' 1080p Smart LED WiFi HDTV [Thursday 10pm]Vizio60''Vizio$688.001080p120HzThursday
WalmartSamsung 50'' 1080p LED HDTV (Online Only)Samsung50''Samsung$698.001080p60HzFriday
WalmartOrion 24'' 720p LED HDTV [Thursday 10pm]Orion24''Orion$78.00720p60HzThursday
WalmartSharp 60'' 1080p LED HDTV [Friday 5am]Sharp60''Sharp$998.001080p120HzFriday
hhgreggSamsung 55'' 1080p LED Smart HDTVSamsung UN55ES610055''Samsung$1,097.99 1080p120HzFriday
hhgreggLG 47'' 3D 1080p LED Smart HDTV w/ Google TVLG 47G247''LG$1,099.99 1080p120HzFriday
hhgreggSamsung 60'' 1080p LED Smart HDTVSamsung UN60ES610060''Samsung$1,397.99 1080p120HzFriday
hhgreggLG 55'' 3D 1080p LED Smart HDTV w/ Google TVLG 55G255''LG$1,499.99 1080p120HzFriday
hhgreggSharp AQUOS 70'' 1080p LED HDTVSharp LC70LE600U70''Sharp$1,799.99 1080p120HzFriday
hhgreggToshiba 19'' 720p LED HDTVToshiba 19L4200U19''Toshiba$129.99720p60HzFriday
hhgreggCombo 24'' 1080p LED HDTV / DVD Player Combo?24''Combo$169.991080p60HzFriday
hhgreggSamsung 22'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung UN22D500322''Samsung$199.991080p60HzFriday
hhgreggSamsung 32'' 720p LED HDTVSamsung UN32EH400332''Samsung$249.99720p60HzFriday
hhgreggSamsung 39'' 720p LED HDTVSamsung39''Samsung$399.99720p60HzFriday
hhgreggHisense 46'' 3D 1080p LED Smart HDTVHisense 46K316DW46''Hisense$499.991080p120HzFriday
hhgreggSamsung 46'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung UN46EH500046''Samsung$579.991080p60HzFriday
hhgreggSamsung 40'' 1080p LED Smart HDTVSamsung UN40ES610040''Samsung$697.991080p120HzFriday
hhgreggSamsung 50'' 1080p LED HDTVSamsung UN50EH500050''Samsung$699.991080p60HzFriday
hhgreggSony 46'' 1080p LED Smart HDTVSony KDL46EX64546''Sony$798.001080p120HzFriday
hhgreggSharp AQUOS 52'' 1080p LED Smart HDTVSharp LC52LE640U52''Sharp$799.991080p120HzFriday
hhgreggSony 50'' 1080p LED Smart HDTVSony KDL50EX64550''Sony$898.001080p120HzFriday
hhgreggLG 55'' 1080p LED HDTVLG 55LS450055''LG$899.991080p120HzFriday
hhgreggSharp AQUOS 60'' 1080p LED HDTVSharp LC60LE600U60''Sharp$999.991080p120HzFriday


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