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Thanksgiving Day 2013 Store Opening Times – Walmart, Target, Sears, ToysRUs

Stores in competing for discounts started early thanks giving sales for year 2013. With KMart opening as early as 6 AM and Staples at 9 PM on thanksgiving day. Each holiday shopper/household on average spends $750 during Thanksgiving / Black Friday shopping. This is forcing retailers to cut into Thanksgiving dinner times, Football game times.

Would you wait for Black Friday or Thanksgiving early deals ?

Here are the store opening times for Thanksgiving Day –

KMart11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)6 AM
Rite AId11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)7 AM
Walgreens11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 AM
Micheals11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)4 PM
Toys-R-Us 11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)5 PM
Bestbuy11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)6 PM
Walmart11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)6 PM
Sports Authority11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)6 PM
Old Navy11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)7 PM
Target11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
JCPenney11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
KOHLS11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
Macys11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
OfficeMax11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
Sears11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
OffcieDepot11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
HHGregg11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
Dicks Sporting Goods11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
Bonton11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
Walmart 11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)8 PM
Staples11/28/2013 (Thanksgiving Day)9 PM


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