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Kalyan Dontharaju holds two masters degrees from U.S. universities, an MS in technology and an MBA majoring in Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Execution and Valuation. He currently holds a Big Data/ Hadoop Architect consulting position in a Fortune 50 company. However, he has friends and fans from around the world thanks to his blog, As Life Goes Digital. Kalyan emigrated from India to the U.S. in year 2000.

A die-hard cricket fan, he began blogging about the most liked sport in March of 2007. His blog focused exclusively on cricket. He blogged about every 2007 World Cup match and developed an avid following. From that, he moved on to other topics of personal interest and his blog now receives 50,000 unique visitors each month, just from fans who want to know the latest information about cricket. As an ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar, Kalyan relished every match of Word Cup 2011 and the victorious Indian team for lifting the world cup after 27 years. Kalyan blogged about every 2011 World Cup match.

From cricket, Kalyan moved on to blogging about deals and coupons. The topic proved to be popular and he saw another increase in the amount of traffic to his website.

Kalyan also has a burning interest in movies, technology, travel and videos. He faithfully blogs about each one, keeping up to date on the latest developments in the industry as it relates to his readers, interspersing his entries with personal experience and opinion.

Education remains a priority for Kalyan and he next tackled the task of chronicling the resources available to those entering an MBA program. Topics include preparation for the GMAT, admission consulting, financial aid and essays chronicling his own experiences.

While waiting for the long process of obtaining U.S. residency, Kalyan began blogging about his journey to the U.S. and the long, patient process of becoming a citizen. He quickly discovered there were many others within the system that needed help with immigration issues. He began cataloging various resources through his blog that potential immigrants would find useful. His site began receiving return visitors to access the wealth of information available on immigration. Traffic to his site skyrocketed. He now received close to 2 million unique visitors and maintains an email subscription list of 750.

For more information, visit Kalyan’s blog, As Life Goes Digital, at You can keep up with the site’s latest additions by subscribing to the RSS feed or email delivery.

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 17, 2010

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