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iPhone4S Improved Battery Tips Settings List

The key issue seems to be with iOS5 bug with location services. Irrespective of iPhone4S or iPhone4 or iPad the battery will drain out fast if the device is having iOS5. Here is the setting tip as discussed in the post here – Settings -> Location Services -> System Services -> Setting Time Zone -> […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 1, 2011 | Categories: Apple, Technology

iOS5 Users Get 50GB Free Storage For Life Time At Box.Net

Starting October 14, 2011 the iOS5 users besides their iCloud 5GB storage can now utilize a promotion run by Box.Net to get free 50 GB for life. – From your iOS5 iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch device install Box app – Launch Box app and register – Upload files, photos and music to the Box […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 15, 2011 | Categories: Apple, Deals, Technology

iOS5 Upgrade Highlights And Key Features

iOS5 is released on October 12, 2011. IOS5 will be part of new iPhones – iPhone4S getting ready for release from three carriers – AT&T, Verizon and Sprint (for first time). The bonus for iPhone4S is that in addition to iOS5 the device exclusively gets “Siri” – a personal assistant which supposedly helps with its […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 13, 2011 | Categories: Apple, Technology

RIP Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

Steve Jobs was pronounced dead this evening on October 05′ 2011. This is a sad news as Jobs was close to heart for many fans. A person who lead the technology revolution with his natural talents. True to his name he in fact created many jobs and touched many lives who can get their livelihood […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 6, 2011 | Categories: Apple, Technology

Apple iPhone4S vs. iPhone4 Side By Side Comparisions

The rumors were so long that every Apple fan expected a next generation smart phone from Apple but what they got is Android smart phone features compliant iPhone. Of all features it is just that Sprint customers are going to get these phones. This completes the loop that all major carriers in US now carry […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 5, 2011 | Categories: Apple, Technology

Dr. Evil (iPad) vs. Mini Me (iPod Touch)

After three weeks of backlog shipping, Dr. Evil has arrived in email today. Austin Powers movie analogy is right for Apple product line, only difference is that in movie Mini Me was cloned to one eighth of size of Dr. Evil. Apple did a reverse of cloning the iPad (Dr. Evil) from iPod Touch (Mini […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: June 17, 2010 | Categories: Apple, Technology

iPad for Toddlers to 100-Year olds

Its amazing touch screen capabilities coupled with Apple’s usability that makes iPad easily adaptable by Toddler to 100- Year olds. What do you think who uses this gadget to its best ? Toddler or Grand Ma ? I feel toddler as a toy than Grand Ma with impaired vision to read books on backlit iPad […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 24, 2010 | Categories: Apple, Technology, Videos
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iPad Disassembled Video

Don’t try this at home 🙂

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 19, 2010 | Categories: Apple, Videos

Day's Best News Apple iPad – January 27 2010

Welcome Back ! The best of the web for the day – Technology: Apple releases the news/pictures/pricing of its most awaited/rumored iPad today i.e. Jan 27 2010. iPad News #iPad images are available now –1 , 2 & 3 (NyTimes as expected is on iPad) Appie live event is covered by Engadget. #iPad Specs – […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 27, 2010 | Categories: Apple

iPodTouch 2G VOIP SetUp With Microphone & Speaker Turned On For Skype & Vonage

Now that Apple is allowing VOIP on iPhone and iPod Touch, Applications like Skype and Vonage from App store are preferred for VOIP. It is still a big challenge to set up VOIP with microphone and speakers working. I installed both Skype and Vonage for Mobile. This post details some of my iPod Touch experiences […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 23, 2010 | Categories: Apple