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As Life Goes Digital

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New GoogleTV October30 Update For Sony Logitech Revue Highlights

Google admitted that they didn’t get it right first time so did they second time? October 30 is judgement day. Sony GoogleTV users gets update on October 30 while Logitech revue gets a week later. Can Google succeed replacing cable and satellite TV with new GoogleTV 2.0 ? May be yes. Google TV 2.0 in […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: October 29, 2011 | Categories: Google, Technology

60% Price Drop Makes $99 GoogleTV Logitech Revue An Excellent Buy

Logitech Revue GoogleTV arrived yesterday and set up took less than 10 minutes. Hestitant to buy this gadget all these days because of its $249 price tag. Now the price has been dropped by all retailers selling Revue to $99 which is 60% discount price. Why this huge price drop in GoogleTV ? Three reasons […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 15, 2011 | Categories: Deals, Google, Technology