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Seven Useful Websites To Veterans For Job Searching

The rising Veterans unemployment is key issue that is addressed part of $447 billion Obama’s proposed Jobs plan. The Vetrans day 2011 will bring good news for the people looking for job. A bill so close to become a legislation will help veterans find jobs. The key incentives for businesses included tax credits of $2,400 […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 10, 2011 | Categories: Tips

Thanksgiving Holiday 2011 Flight Travel Deals and Tips List

Is it possible to get good deals now for flying during Thanksgiving holiday? The time is running out and the travel fares are peaking now. There is estimated 38% increase in fuel costs compared to 2010 Thanksgiving. There will be estimated 2 percent drop in the number of travelers taking to the skies this Thanksgiving […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 7, 2011 | Categories: Deals, Tips

Adsense Tips Event For Publishers From Google Team

Image by AlphachimpStudio via Flickr I’m one of the few lucky publishers to get invited to Google’s Adsense event held at Chicago’s Google office on July 21 2010. The impressive Google office at 20 Kinzie, Chicago showcased the cool geeky workplace culture with bean bags in conference rooms. All of Google employees wore gray colored […]

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Make Old PC Faster With Free Windows TuneUp Utilities 2008

TuneUp Utilities 2008 is set of tools that improves your PC performance and makes it run faster by cleaning up unwanted files, reducing start up apps and defragging. TuneUp utilities usually cost $30 to download. Thanks to for providing tips on how to get 2008 version for free. > Download TuneUp Utilities 2008 from […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 11, 2009 | Categories: Deals, Tips
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Google’s Tip Jar provides money saving tips

Google’s Moderator started a new user forum site – “Tip Jar” that collects tips from people and allows them to vote so that they become popular and raise its rank and visibility in the site. Currently these categories are available – Finance, Eco, Health, Tech, Shopping, Kids & Family, Cars & Transit, Food, Vacation, At […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 7, 2009 | Categories: OtherNews, Tips

Productive Google searching tips & tricks – Weather, Currency Converter, Calculator, Flight Status, Time and others

SmashingApps published 11 of Google tips & tricks. Here are some of the best – Input these in Google Search and see the results : > For quick weather – “Weather cityname” E.g: weather Chicago> Calculator – type the equation – E.g: 2 + 10, 2 * 2 , 2 – 6, 15% of 200, […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 15, 2009 | Categories: OtherNews, Tips

Simple Camera Settings For Great Photos

Who doesn’t have a camera these days ? I guess everyone but most of us use “Auto” mode and store the memories. To add some life to our photos, I found this website that has easy tips for amateur photographers like me. I own Cannon SD1000 Powershot and DSLR – Cannon Rebel XTi. Ken Rockwell […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 12, 2009 | Categories: OtherNews, Tips

How to quickly reach customer service reps over phone?

Folks in US (or UK) when calling customer service we get impatient hearing all ten plus options of what to dial for different functions. Most of the time we need to get in touch with a customer service representative to talk and resolve the issue at hand. (to remember the site easily the domain […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 23, 2008 | Categories: Tips

To avoid phishing check if email address exists or not

My Hotmail account gets nearly 30 to 50 spam email daily, I’ve to browse my junk mail folder often to make sure I don’t miss any important mail that Hotmail marks it as junk. This has become a wasteful exercise sucking out time that can be put to some other good use. Most of the […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 14, 2008 | Categories: Tips

Amazon canceling accounts for users who has high orders return history

Slickdeals forum discussions report that some of Amazon customers accounts are closed as they are involved in “extraordinary number of incidents” — as indicated in the mail received by the effected user : Hello from A careful review of your account indicates you’ve experienced an extraordinary number of incidents with your orders and corresponding […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 2, 2008 | Categories: Deals, Tips