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List Of MBA Admission Consultants & Cost

MBA Admission Consultants help prospective MBA students to get into top ivy schools with GMAT test taking, Essays, Resume services and with the interview preparations. Each admission consulting company has different packages, services and the pricing model. MBA admission consultants list with the cost: – AcceptedCost – $250 per hour on many services. – Admissions […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: February 14, 2010 | Categories: GMAT, MBA

Missing TSA Verified Identity Pass laptop found

Image via Wikipedia To avoid long security lines at the airport Verified Identity Pass (VIP) contracted with TSA and developed a program called “Clear” where members pay $120/ year to have their identities verified. The registration card allowed them to bypass long security lines. One of the laptops gone missing which contained sensitive personal information […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: August 13, 2008 | Categories: Immigration