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GMAC completed GMAT test takers investigation

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) on its website announced that it completed initial investigation of GMAT test takers using Good news for many GMAT test takers who are the members of Scoretop is that only 84 test takers scores are canceled. Out of which 12 test takers will not be able to retake […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 10, 2008 | Categories: GMAT, MBA

2008 MBA applicants number highest in five years

GMAC in its latest survey reported that 2008 MBA applications are highest in the last five years. Specially in full-time programs where 77% of the survied people said they saw application levels increase compared to 2007’s 64%. Part-time and executive MBA has applications rise but not at the same level as full-time MBAs. The 2008 […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 1, 2008 | Categories: MBA