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MBA Podcasts by topic – GMAT, Online, PartTime, Fulltime, Executive MBA Programs

> MBA podcaster is one-stop site that features different podcasts helpful for students preparing for GMAT and also for those who got into an MBA program. Here are some of the podcasts by topic that I like – General MBA – Part Time vs. Full Time – MBA , MBA Salaries, , Online MBA Programs, […]

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Increase Verbal vocabulary for Free – Helps in GRE, SAT, ACT & GMAT tests

Becoming efficient in Verbal Vocabulary is difficult for even native english speakers. Entrance tests like SAT and GRE has a devoted section that test verbal vocab skills. VerbaLearn is an online learning system for students to build their vocabulary skills. Students learn improved word usage and pronunciation. Here is video demo of Free “verba Learn”.

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Indian MBA 2008 placements & Salaries – IIMs and others

MBA is a sought-after graduate program because of its demand even in slump times like in 2008. Here is a good data from MINT – A WSJ publication Indian site. If you are MBA graduate or an a student deciding to join B-schools in India, this analysis gives some idea of what schools to join […]

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GMAT Tutors from EduFire charging $69 – $12 hourly

EduFire is web 2.0 tutoring site making easier for GMAT test takers to find tutors and learn with them. EduFire started as a language learning site, based on video tutoring and conversations. Say if you are in India and is preparing for GMAT, EduFire has tutors from around the world, it is easy to find […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 18, 2008 | Categories: GMAT, MBA

GMAC completed GMAT test takers investigation

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) on its website announced that it completed initial investigation of GMAT test takers using Good news for many GMAT test takers who are the members of Scoretop is that only 84 test takers scores are canceled. Out of which 12 test takers will not be able to retake […]

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Doing MBA Free from Ivy League business schools tips

Devin Griffin got accepted into Wharton business school with two year tuition of 80,000 per year for his MBA paid. Business Week writes a letter to the admission committee by Devin made that possible to consider him for the school’s scholarship. Business schools are an expensive affair with students taking loans and pushing themselves into […]

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2008 MBA applicants number highest in five years

GMAC in its latest survey reported that 2008 MBA applications are highest in the last five years. Specially in full-time programs where 77% of the survied people said they saw application levels increase compared to 2007’s 64%. Part-time and executive MBA has applications rise but not at the same level as full-time MBAs. The 2008 […]

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GMAC sues GMAT forums/Users over "live" questions for MBA preparation ?

R.P Singh – young Indian cricket bowler wants to do MBA : “He must be careful with GMAT forums and test preparation centers :-)”. Source RP Singh’s MBA plan video GMAC, owner of the GMAT exams reportedly planning to sue (or sued) GMAT forum , accusing it of illegally obtaining copies of “live” test questions […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: March 8, 2008 | Categories: GMAT, MBA

Free GMAT Practice tests from Kaplan

Kaplan’s free online GMAT services Click me for Free GMAT Practice test from Kaplan Thank you for your interest in Kaplan’s free online GMAT services. To preview the online components of our GMAT classroom, premium online and private tutoring programs, including a free full-length GMAT practice test, get started here. Simply purchase your free course […]

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Now that you know about MBA so how to get admission into a good MAB program in US.The first stop is to know about GMAT and then MBA school rankings. What is GMAT ? The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a 3-1/2 hour standardized exam designed to predict how test-takers will perform academically in […]

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