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USCIS Surprise H1-B Visa Employers Visits

In order to step up and stop H1-B visa fraud and misuse, CIO is reporting in this post that USCIS is doing surprise audits. USCIS will ask Couple of checklist questions about the sponsored H1-B visa employee and the manager (employer) has to answer those USCIS posed questions. All this sudden surprise visits is to […]

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Why 20,000 H1-B visas Remains Unfilled in 2009 ?

The US recession is hitting the once sought after H1-B visas. The usual 65000 H1-B visa caps got filled in less than week in previous years. In year 2009 USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) reports only receival of 49000 H1-B visa applications. Here are some reasons for the vacant 20,000 H1-B visas – > […]

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May 2009 Visa Bulletin India Dates – EB3 Unavailable

In May 2009 Visa bulletin the bad news came too early , May 2009 bulletin retrogressed India Employment Third preference to unavailable cut-off date which clearly indicates demand for EB3 numbers – (AOS)adjustment of status cases. May 2009 Bulletin released reflected the big drop not only for India but also to other countries EB3 category […]

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Huge Drop in H1-B Visa Applications

After first week of opening visa applications, USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) reports that it received only 42,000 H!-B visa applications from foreigners for high skill jobs in US. The total available visas are 65000. Last year the cap of 65K is reached within few days.For year 2008 USCIS received 163,000 H1-B applications. The […]

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US Senators seeking H1-B visa review of 25 MNCs

Two US senators – Richard Durbin (Democrat-Illinois) and Charles Grassley (Republican-Iowa) are asking 25 MNCs of how they have used H1-B visas. Their major concern is that H1-Bs are used to outsource American jobs. Replacement of American workers is unjustified and needs much bigger oversight. The H1-B quota increase is highly opposed as Unemployment rate […]

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How to Extend H1-B beyond 6 years if PERM is not filed ?

This is difficult immigration question what if H-1B holder is in his/her sixth year (last year) and a PERM case is not filed on his/her behalf? Can Immigrant live in US for another few years? Yes you can says this news. Basically get away from H1-B status and remain in other status say H1-B or […]

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GreenCard Holders fingerprinted from January 18 2009 at Port of Entry

US-VISIT (United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology) was a program implemented in year 2003 that fingerprints and photographs non-immigrants at the US border and that helped immigration officials to remove document fraud done by immigrants. From 2003 to till date, US-VISIT took the information from non-immigrant visa holders like H1-B, B1, F1 visa […]

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H1B, Offshoring – Top 2008 IT trend

Zdnet rated Offshoring, H1-Bs as top IT trends for year 2008. Two different contradicting stories on H1-Bs are highlighted in ZdNet article – 1) High wage IT jobs moving to low wage countries like India 2) US employers finding shortage of IT professions to hire in US. There has been reports that employers are abusing […]

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H1-B visas – McCain ranks better than Obama on policies

Wired did analysis on hot election issues where Barack Obama and John McCain say, and what have they done, about some of hot policies in US 2008 elections. H1-B visas policy McCain is graded B+ when Obama got a C. The issue is the small number of H1-B quotas (65,000) making it difficult for US […]

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US Immigration flowchart for Greencard and Citizenship takes up to 16 years

What it takes to become an US immigrant ? Here are some of the (long waiting) routes : Family Sponsorship: Relative is a US citizena) Spouse or minor child — Greencard – 3 to 5 years, Citizenship – 6 to 7 yearsb) For all other family sponsorships — Green card – 7 to 15 years […]

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