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Free Windows 7 Deployment eBook

Come October 22, 2009. Windows 7 will be released officially. Microsoft is giving away free Windows 7 Deployment ebook at this Microsoft location. Some interesting facts to know about Windows 7 installation : > Worried that you have slower hardware for Windows 7 upgrade ? Windows 7 is successfully installed on slower PCS. Here is […]

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Download IE8, Microsoft Donates $$ to Poor

All you have to do is go to and download IE8. Microsoft will then donate either 41.15 or $2.30 per user until the limit of $1 million dollars are reached. Tip : I personally like IE8 lot better than IE7, Even if you don’t plan to install you can just download to feed the […]

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Bing Market Share Exceeds 10% With Cashbacks

Bing shopping with its double cash back promotions is slowly gaining market share against 12 other comparison shopping tools. Comparison shopping tools included in the Hitwise report by their market share are (23%), bizrate (16%), shopzilla(14%), bing (10.86%), nexttag(10.34%), best-price, pronto, become, shop and pricegrabber. Detailed report and data is available here. What is […]

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Build your own computer at less cost

If you want to build your own PC from assembled parts then this post is for you. Here is one place where you get information about processors, Motherboard, Graphics card, Power and OS. Here is the forum link – If you want to see hands on then Maximum Pc has posted a detailed video of […]

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Microsoft's free MVP developer eBook for download

Microsoft put together 17 useful developer articles written by MVPs (Microsoft valued Professional) in this free download. Here is the download link In the free developer book: Title Author Working with Brownfield Code Donald Belcham (Microsoft MVP) Beyond C# and VB Ted Neward (Microsoft MVP) Remaining Valuable to Employers Barry Gervin Billy Hollis Bruce Johnson […]

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Inprivate IE8 browsing Saved $200 in Orbitz

Internet Explorer vesrion 8 has this neat feature of surfing anonymously by switching to Inprivate browsing. This allows the users to supress cookies and other user identifications. Very useful if you browse on your friends computer , school or at a library. With little effort we can clear off history from internt option dialog but […]

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Free Microsoft Hyper-V Ten hours eLearning Access code

Virtualization is a very useful concept in computers that provides a complete simulation of the underlying hardware. Like one can simulate easily the Windows Vista or XP Operating system using this concept. In this virtual environment all software capable of execution on the raw hardware can be run in the virtual machine. Hyper-V belongs to […]

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Free for students Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio, Sql Server from Microsoft's Dreamsparks

If you can prove you are student by just having your school email address then you can download tons of bytes of free Microsoft 2008 software from Microsoft’s Dreamspark. This is the place MSFT gives free software for the students. The current offering available at this location – Here are all free student software downloads […]

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Free Web Based UNLIMITED Storage from Wixi expires October 1' 2008

Wixi is a web-based service that users will be able to access it from practically any device (iPhone version on Users can access any time, anywhere, and from any device the media content without installing any application. Good news is that service is available for free for life for users who registers on their […]

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Google "App"titude challenge for India's Engineering and MBA colleges ends September 15'2008

A new innovative challenge from Google to increase the user base for Google apps in engineering and MBA colleges. From India’s GoogleApp team : 1. Sign up for the challenge by September 15, 2008. 2. Get approval from your college’s administration to implement Google Apps by October 15, 2008. 3. Work with your IT department […]

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