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Steve Jobs iPad Presentations Video

iPad is getting mixed reviews. My dislikes – No Webcam, No Multi Tasking, No Flash support. Here are Steve Jobs iPad Video Presentations : EMAIL NEWSLETTERYour Email Address:Delivered by FeedBurner

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Black Friday 2009 Video Consoles, Games – PS3, Wii, XBox360, DS Deals

Wii console demand has dropped significantly compared to last year. This year there are huge discounts from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to make their product seell in worst economic times. Note: Click column heading once to reorder from highest to lowest. Click twice to reorder from lowest to highest. Like groups by brand when you […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 20, 2009 | Categories: Deals

Geithner's Digg Interview Video

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is asked many questions by Digg users and in this video interview those questions are answered – (I always thought Geithner worked for Goldman and looks like its indirectly as civil servant). The state of economy is discussed in the interview and is quite a info on economy –

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Usain Bolt 100M World Record Video

Historic moment again in 100 meter track & Field – Usain Bolt broke his own Olympics record this time with 9.58 seconds in Berlin.

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Amazing Indian "Rock Climber" "Monkey King" Video

Jyoti Raju earned name “Monkey King” with his amazing feats of rock climbing. He developed this skill out of his poverty and is now a celebrity all around the world. He doesn’t take any aid and is able to climb any heights with ease. He reminds us Jackie Chan. Here is the video of “Monkey […]

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Build your own computer at less cost

If you want to build your own PC from assembled parts then this post is for you. Here is one place where you get information about processors, Motherboard, Graphics card, Power and OS. Here is the forum link – If you want to see hands on then Maximum Pc has posted a detailed video of […]

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IPL 2009 Highlights Videos Match Reviews

IPL 2nd season started on April 18 2009 in South Africa. Here is all at one consolidated coverage of IPL 2009 highlights with videos from Youtube and other video links sites like IPLT20. Can Rajasthan Royal defends its Title this year ? IPL 2009 Match Details IPL 2009 Highlights Videos April 18 – Saturday , 1st […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 18, 2009 | Categories: Cricket

iPod touch (in)Completed Me – Review

iPod touch — Its a iPod with Wi-Fi and effective app support. This is how “As Life Goes Digital” looks on my Safari iPod Touch browser. This is the horizontal view Why did you buy iPod Touch? I need a compact internet surfing device. Smart Phones to be precise but the monthly subscription service of […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 24, 2008 | Categories: Apple

Best of 2008 cricket highlights

Fox sports Australia published the most talked cricket 2008 happenings : I’ve linked to the posts that I’ve covered those special 2008 cricket moments. >Harbhajan and Symonds clash in bitter SCG Test >The first Indian Premier League tournament >Kevin Pietersen is appointed England captain – The talented South African born England Captain who is famous […]

Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 22, 2008 | Categories: Cricket

South Africa's historic Perth test match Video & News

Why are newspapers and cricketing world blowing trumpets on South Africa winning first test match against Australia? It is because South Africa who had dominated the rest of cricketing world but failed consistently against Australia right from 1999 world cup semi final. This win is a long due in RSA account. Besides RSA and Australia […]

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